riviera resort lego sculpture

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Full LEGO Model of Disney’s Riviera Resort Now on Display at Remodeled Disney Vacation Club Kiosk in Disney Springs

A remodeled Disney Vacation Club Kiosk is now open at Disney Springs, and it includes a fun way to tour the newest Disney Vacation Club property. Now that the kiosk has reopened, we were surprised to see that the LEGO model of Disney’s Riviera Resort sits front and center.


An incredibly detailed LEGO model of Disney’s Riviera Resort is behind glass. A large billboard for the hotel can be seen on the lefthand side of the altered kiosk.


Guests are able to walk around the entire model.


This incredibly detailed model perfectly captures the feel of the resort. The outside features tall palm trees, walkways, and the porte-cochèree at the grand entrance.


The Disney Skyliner even makes an appearance outside of the resort model. Multicolored gondolas fly by, just like at the real resort down the street.


Disney’s Riviera Resort wouldn’t be complete without Topolino’s Terrace. The restaurant is known for its character breakfast with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


LEGO guests dine inside the resort’s rooftop restaurant and seem to be enjoying the view.


An excited LEGO child holds a balloon and a stuffed animal as he walks around the resort’s courtyard.


No detail is missing here, because even the logo marquee sits on the center rooftop.


This LEGO addition to the Disney Vacation Club kiosk is absolutely whimsical and an adorable addition.


Take a look at our video tour of the new LEGO Disney’s Riviera Resort:

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