REVIEW: New Cookies and Cream Pie Rice Crispy Treat is Surprisingly Good at Disneyland Resort

On a trip to Disney California Adventure, we found a new treat to try. This new crispy treat is shaped in a pie dish and served by the slice. We’ve tried some of the Valentine’s Day crispy treats from Disneyland Resort, and were excited to take a bite out of this cookies and cream option.

Cookies and Cream Pie Rice Crispy – $4.39


This treat has crushed Oreo cookies on top, with a dollop of cream frosting.


The treat is also sprinkled with white, black and red Mickey sprinkles.


You can see the dent in the crispy where it was formed into the pie dish.


This treat is at a good price point for what’s given. The rice crispy actually wasn’t stale! There was a nice crunch while it kept the soft chewy marshmallow texture. The Oreos that topped the treat were mixed throughout the rice crispy, which added an extra chocolate taste with every bite.


The cream frosting on top had a vanilla flavor but it wasn’t too strong. The Mickey sprinkles made for a cute visual appeal while adding a little extra crunch. If you’re looking for something sweet to split with a friend at Disneyland Resort, this is a good option at lower price point.

We found this crispy treat at Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure. Be sure to check out some of the other treats we’ve tried at Disneyland Resort, like the Double Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae at Carthay Circle Restaurant. Are you going to try this new crispy treat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.