REVIEW: New “Eternal Flame” Cookie Comes in Mild & Spicy Versions at Gideon’s Bakehouse in Disney Springs

Gideon’s Bakehouse in Disney Springs has a spicy new special edition cookie only available for the month of February.


The “Eternal Flame” cookie celebrates Valentine’s Day. As the menu says, it is “true love in a single bite.”


Eternal Flame Special Edition Cookie – $6

A dark chocolate cookie laced with ancho, cayenne, and cinnamon and topped with chocolate covered cherries


They have two options for this cookie: mild or super spicy. Pictured above is the mild.


And here is the spicy, which is visibly sprinkled with an edible red glitter.

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Here they are side-by-side, with the spicy cookie on the left and the mild on the right.


The mild cookie was salty and spicy. We could definitely taste the cinnamon and the pepper baked into the dough. The cherries on top helped balance out the spice and we liked the taste. This one’s not too bad for someone who doesn’t want things with too much of a kick.


When we ordered two of the spicy version of the cookie, the Cast Members seemed shocked, which had us scared as to just how spicy this cookie would be. It was definitely spicier than the mild cookie, but not overwhelming. Again, the cherries, as well as the chocolate, helped balance it. We’d say it was about the same spice level as your run of the mill fast food restaurant chicken sandwich.

So if you can’t handle a lot of spice, go ahead and get the mild cookie, but the spicy cookie is worth trying. They’re both good alternatives to Gideon’s sometimes overly sweet cookies, but honestly not one of our favorites of what we have had so far from this bakehouse.

Will you be trying the Eternal Flame cookie on your next Disney Springs trip? Keep in mind that Gideon’s Bakehouse continues to have a long wait. We waited in the virtual queue and then the actual queue for a total of about two hours today.

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