REVIEW: You Might Fall in Love with the NEW Valentine’s Cupcake and Brownie at Creature Comforts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom



REVIEW: You Might Fall in Love with the NEW Valentine’s Cupcake and Brownie at Creature Comforts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Valentine’s Day is surely a sweet holiday — but could it be too sweet for our tastebuds? There are many new sugary offerings available at the Disney Parks (and coming!) to celebrate the day of love. With even more sweet specials arriving at the parks leading up the Valentine’s Day, we headed to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to try the newest Valentine-themed desserts.

Valentine’s Cupcake – $5.99


This cupcake has a chocolate cake base with cherry filling. Topped with vanilla frosting, the cupcake is presented with a chocolate zebra-striped heart.


Red, pink, and white heart-shaped sprinkles adorn the perimeter of the frosting.


We appreciate the pop of color that the yellow cupcake liner provides.


With this cross-section, you can see the cherry filling within the chocolate cake.


The chocolate cake itself is moist and has a good chocolate flavor. However, it is a pretty standard cake. The cherry filling contains very chunky bit of cherry. The cherry flavor is super strong and sweet. The frosting, which is plentiful, is a very sweet, classic buttercream.


Overall, this is a good cupcake – even for someone that is not a huge cherry fan. We would have preferred more filling to balance out the sweetness. Though the presentation was lacking, with just a heart directly placed on top, the taste was good. We are glad we tried it, but we would not purchase it again.

Valentine’s Brownie with Mousse Dome – $5.49


This chocolate brownie features a strawberry mousse on top. If you didn’t;t look close enough, you might think you ordered a Christmas dessert.


The dome is topped valentine heart sprinkles and two chocolate wafers to resemble Mickey ears. How cute!


When you cut into the dessert, you can see that the brownie and the strawberry mousse each make up equal parts of the treat.


This brownie is surprisingly delicious! The brownie itself is sticky, chewy, and thick. However, we would have liked a more pronounced chocolate flavor. The strawberry mousse is delightful. It is very light and soft with an unmistakable, but perfectly sweet, strawberry flavor. The frosting around the dome just tastes like sugar but is not overwhelmingly sweet.


Overall, this is a surprisingly balanced and yummy dessert. We would definitely get it again. Since this is a limited-time offering, we just might!

Both of these Valentine’s desserts will be offered at Creature Comforts through March 1st. Which one will you be trying?

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