Walt Disney World Extends Offers for Active and Retired Military Members

Walt Disney World has extended the availability of various special offers for active or retired U.S.A. military members.

Discounted hotel rates are currently available at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels for most nights from January 1 through December 17, as long as guests book before December 17, 2021. Guests can cancel or modify their reservation with extra flexibility through April 30.

As for tickets, guests could previously purchase a 4, 5, or 6-day Military Promotional Ticket through February 14, 2021 for use through September 26. The tickets are now valid for use through December 31, 2021 and range from $265 to $301 depending on the number of days.

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A Memory Maker photo package is also available for a discounted $98 if purchased before February 14, 2021.

Will you be taking advantage of these special offers? Let us know in the comments.

  1. what if you want to take advantage of the memory maker deal but don’t have a trip until end of April how do you do that?

    1. You can still buy the memory maker, they will issue you a memory maker card which you can activate later or you can add it to your account and not use it until you get there. Memory maker activates once you download your first picture.

  2. Where are you getting this information? I would like confirm that you are stating current salute tickets bought prior to 14 Feb 21 are now being extended for use until 31 Dec 21? Shades of Green ticket office is not aware of any of this. Is there a press release that you can link to?

      1. I spent all day yesterday on the phone with Disney, Shades of Green, and Camp Pendleton. The main takeaway I got was this:
        2020 Salute is good until 26 Sep 21
        2021 (not yet released but 15 Feb is the projection) is good until 17 Dec 21
        No ticket covers 18 Dec -31 Dec, which has always been a blackout date for the military. Your blog got me excited at the possibility for a break from the norm, and Disney Food Blog stated the same. However, it just isn’t true. Wish it were.


  3. what I want to know is why so many companies do not understand what a VETERAN is? If you once SERVED, then got out honorably… a soldier is a soldier (or Airman, Seaman…ect). Once YOU HAVE SERVED, you’ve served. Why is it only active and retired soldiers are elligable for things? I have THE UTMOST respect for both, but ANYONE who HAS served should be honored with discounts. A veteran just doesn’t get full benefits as an active soldier does. A retired gets a different KIND of benefits. There are a few other things, but I feel businesses have no idea what a veteran has gone through and forgets they are just as deserving of promotions. I called to book a vacation, and no offers for veteran’s are available. I mean even Lowes offers veteran discounts. This is WALT DISNEY WORLD. And I do NOT mean to offend anyone by all means, but serving in the UNITED STATES MILITARY…PERIOD….is something that should be recognized by the biggest entertainment company I feel that there is. There are veterans who live in FL and CA not just active and retired. I am sorry, but I am VERY PROUD of my husband who IS A VETERAN, who served in wars…. who doesn’t like to make a fuss, but I feel like I should on his AND other veterans behalf. Thank you

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