CDC Considering Reducing Physical Distancing Requirement to Three Feet

Shannen Ace

CDC Considering Reducing Physical Distancing Requirement to Three Feet

Shannen Ace

CDC Considering Reducing Physical Distancing Requirement to Three Feet

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reviewing a study that could reduce the recommendation for physical distancing from six feet to three feet.

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The study out of Massachusetts concludes that there is “no significant difference” in physical distancing by three feet versus six feet. The change in physical distancing is dependent on other mitigation measures such as masking.

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that the CDC is conducting its own studies on physical distancing requirements. According to Dr. Fauci, a decision regarding physical distancing guidelines will come soon.

Currently, physical distancing of six feet is required throughout Disney and Universal theme parks. Queue markers on the ground, as well as reminder signs throughout the parks, remind guests to maintain a six-foot distance. This does sometimes cause congestion issues though, with distanced queues frequently taking up sidewalk space outside an attraction. A reduced physical distancing requirement could mitigate this issue and possibly allow theme parks to raise their maximum capacities.

Keep checking WDWNT for updates.

7 thoughts on “CDC Considering Reducing Physical Distancing Requirement to Three Feet”

  1. I will take the six feet over the idiotic masks any day. I swear the man is just maniacally desperate to keep the masks going until the end of time. Does six feet over three feet really matter if you still have to wear the microbe sponge across your face? Not so much.

    • I’m just curious as to why it’s taking them a year to start doing these studies. Might have been nice to know last summer. Yet another reason none of them have credibility any longer.

  2. Looks like the”wokes” have moved on to the CDC.six feet distance needs to continue. The reality is the distance of safety is 130 feet the distance germs are traveling out of the mouth,nose

    • right

  3. More ridiculousness from the CDC. And now what? All those silly ground stickers will have to be re-applied at 3ft? Added cost in materials and labor passed onto Guests. The nonsense just doesn’t stop.

  4. 6 feet already means 3 feet or less to most people. At this point, let’s just call it CYA.

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