Disney Cruise Line Sailings Expected to Resume Fall 2021

Disney Cruise Line most recently canceled all sailings through May 2021, and all sailings on the Disney Magic through August 2021. During today’s shareholders’ meeting, Disney CEO Bob Chapek stated they expect Disney Cruise Line to resume operations by fall 2021.

Disney Dream at sea

When sailings do resume, masks will likely be required in some settings and there may be adjustments to dining and entertainment experiences. Though no announcements have been made, a recent Disney Cruise Line commercial portrayed guests wearing face masks.

A month ago, Disney Cruise Line warned guests making bookings that their cruises may be interrupted, following a CDC notice emphasizing the high risk of COVID-19 on cruise ships. Some passengers are currently suing Disney Cruise Line regarding a March 2020 cruise on which they believe they contracted COVID-19.

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5 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Line Sailings Expected to Resume Fall 2021”

  1. 50/50 at best. Still no CDC guidelines for cruise ship and just where will these cruises go? The Cayman Islands are closed to cruise ships for this year. I’ve heard that the Turks are also closed. A long boat ride to nowhere and back doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

  2. I don’t believe Bob. At all. He’s just telling shareholders what they want to hear. The govt is going to hype the China virus up again this fall so there go your fall cruises.

  3. shannen I enjoyed your article we have booked 4 cruises and 2 have been cancelled we have sailed 14 times an Disney and go every year. it sounds like our october cruise will be on. and next February will be too. it is too bad someone is taking Disney to court.

  4. There will be people who wish for the best and those that are always looking on the down side. I hope and wish for everyone to work together, unlike the people we elect to represent us. Maybe one day. I hope we sail in October its a wonderful time of year to sail.
    Good luck to all, stay safe, hope, and get the vaccine. America strong.

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