Maskless Parents Push Crying Child in Stroller Out of Their Picture in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


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Maskless Parents Push Crying Child in Stroller Out of Their Picture in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


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Maskless Parents Push Crying Child in Stroller Out of Their Picture in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

As seen in a now-deleted TikTok posted by @influencersinthewild, two maskless parents visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios pushed away their crying child in a stroller in order to get a better photo in front of the Millennium Falcon.


When the couple begins to pose for their photo, the child is sobbing in the stroller and is seen covering his face.


The mom hesitates when posing, but decides to push the stroller away several feet to ensure the crying child won’t be in the photo.


The mom returns to her partner and they continue to pose for maskless photos, ignoring the child that is now off-camera.

There have been mixed reactions online to the now-deleted clip. Some TikTok users expressed worry for the child’s wellbeing, stating that he could’ve been kidnapped “and they wouldn’t have noticed for 3-5 minutes”. Some slammed the parents for not wearing face masks at Walt Disney World as is required by all Guests on property, even when taking photos. Others suggest that it was “perfectly reasonable” for the parents to want a photo to themselves.

Source: The Daily Mail

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  1. And this is why there should be licenses for being able to have children. Showing no respect for the rules, and instead of taking care of their child, who is obviously upset about something, they just shove them out of the way?

    • Niko, you have obviously never been to Disney World. Kids cry all day there. Sounds like you think they shouldn’t take a picture because the kid is upset? The parents paid for the vacation, not the crying child. Disney should be thankful for those parents.

      • Whaaat?! Did you seriously just say the parents paid for the trip, not the crying child? Parent of the year stuff right there.

      • I see parents like this every day. Their priorities over rule their kids needs. It doesn’t matter what the kid was crying about it should have been addressed and something done to help the child.

      • It isn’t about the crying child. It’s about pushing the kid away and breaking park rules.

        Man, put all the info together, not just the crying kid part.

    • Yeah, let’s start restricting our natural born obligated rights as human beings. This is the single stupidest thing I’ve heard in the year 2021 without a doubt.

      • I agree. The only thing I would say about it is people need to mind their own business and stop acting like they are or would be perfect parents with children that never cry or throw a fit. They wanted a happy memory fir the wall. Im sure when people say oh what a lovely picture they will have a story to tell about the child. So no harm done in my personal opinion. Not that my opinion even matters ya know?

        • Depending on what the child was crying for, it could have from influence to significant influence on the child’s personality when it grows up. They will influence their kid future behavior for five minutes of their fun. They probably have no boundaries for the child to grow with either. Kid’s do not get born bullies, difficult kids, and criminal adults. They are made, and this is how parents do it.

    • Guessing you don’t have kids. They throw tantrums about stupid things. You don’t pay attention to tantrums or they do it more. If you don’t have a child, you should be quiet.

    • I totally agree. She just shoved ther stroller out of the picture so people couldn’t see her crying. What a horrible Mother !

    • That child is old enough to not be crying all the time. Kids don’t have to be reasonable and parents just have to ignore it to an extent or the kid will just be stuck at home away from everything. That kid will stop crying as soon as they get to the next interesting attraction or buy food.

  2. Shame on them. They should have DFS or whatever program called on them for child neglect/endangerment, and be thrown out of the parks permanently because they clearly don’t care about the rules. I don’t like masks either but rules are rules, and your first priority as parents should always be your child’s well being.

    • Yeah. It’s massive neglect to push your child a few feet away in a stroller in a tightly secured theme park when you’re still within arms length of the stroller. under your theory, parents sitting on a bench watching their kids play it a park 50 ft away are guilty of neglect.

      • 💯 People who think the parents in the picture are neglecting the child have never taken a psychology course or have never had kids. The mask shaming needs to stop. Everyone saying masks work dont conduct research, they just do what the news tells them to do. It’s been a year, masks are overrated.

    • Disney security tried to make me put my grandson 20 feet away from me so they could make me go through a metal detector at the back entrance to EPCOT. When I told them that wasn’t going to happen, they asked if I had anyone to watch him while I went through. I didn’t. They then told me again to park him 20 feet away and I asked them if they would be taking responsibility for him while I went through. They said no. After about 15 minutes of this my wife shows up and takes him and I go through the metal detector and me and my grandson went to speak to a supervisor over security. She was not ok with how her team conducted itself in the situation. Point being, her team was ok with moving a kid 20 feet out of the way for me to go through a metal detector, why is a picture any different?

  3. Unacceptable. Terrible parenting and selfish. Wearing a masks isn’t just about you. 🙄 I feel for the CMs that go to work everyday so we can enjoy Disney and they can’t even be respectful enough to wear a mask.

  4. These two should lose their child and face jail time for child negligence and pretty much saying you kid arrest them now!!!!

  5. DISGUSTING. I’m so tired of arrogant people thinking they are above the rules. By the way she’s dressed, it’s obvious she’s used to showing off for attention. Everything is all about her, rules and responsibility be damned. I very much pity that child. This is reprehensible for several different reasons. I wish someone had the guts to call them out and that they had been removed from the park permanently.

    And for the people who said it’s reasonable for them to want their own picture — it is NOT reasonable for a parent to push a crying child away. EVER. I don’t care who you are, what you are doing, how important you think you are, what kind of stupid memory you want to make. If your child is crying, that is your priority.

    And them not wearing masks IS OUR BUSINESS. Not only are they flouting rules everyone is expected to adhere to and putting lives at risk, but they are breaking an agreement with Disney to enter the parks. That makes it very much their business. Ignoring things like this and letting disgusting behavior slide is why society is such a mess and people are so entitled, rude, and grotesque. Wastes of space and definitely shouldn’t be allowed the privilege of having children.

  6. Those parents need lessons in parenting. Two losers trying to raise a kid who doesn’t stand a chance with selfish parents like that.
    As for not wearing masks they should have been kicked out of the park. It’s because of selfish fools like them that keep the virus going and endangers other guests and CMs who have to deal with the special snowflakes.
    Selfishness seems to be the rule for both of these idiots.

  7. Disney brings out the best in kids and that means at certain times you should take a little time to help calm them down it can be very over whelming… Needless to say I remember taking a selfie with my wife on an empty main Street in August and our little one got on my wife’s scooter and was heading straight for us singing I’m driving right down the middle of main Street USA. We laughed our tails off and stopped her and informed her she is not to drive the scooter ever again…. A great memory. very funny. We was last people in the park and btw we kept our masks on because we care about others and ourselves…. and respect the simple rules to enjoy such an awesome place.

  8. I think the couple feel entitled, they should have kept their mask on. I can see why they didn’t want the child in the photo and I can support that but acting as if the rules didn’t apply the them. Mask up or don’t visit!

  9. Way to go showing your child is not important as something materialistic. The poor baby was probably hungry, tired, hot and fed up. Leave your child with a sitter or do like I did we went early in the morning, took her out of the park around lunch time to eat and rest then went back once she rested. Think less of yourself and more of your child.

  10. I am so sorry you have to deal with that child…OH, WAIT… you’re the “parents”! Start acting like one.

  11. I’m DISGUSTED about how selfish these parents are! Yes the child was crying but it’s a family vacation and The Falcon is not going anywhere. I wish that I was a Castmember so I could kick them out for not wearing masks and also Mickey’s of Hollywood sells Star Wars patterned mask.

  12. If you think they are bad parents just by watching this short clip, i can see that you have no kids. As a parent, children cry for no reasons and try to manipulate parents sometimes. They often need to get ignored when crying as per parenting books, advice from doctors, tips from professionals, etc. mind your own business m cuz i see nothing wrong there

    • Yes I agree sometimes you need to ignore them. But you don’t push them away from you so you’re picture looks cute. Being a parent is about having to deal with a happy,fussy,crying,hungry or sick child. And yes I have a child.

      • That “dealing” part varies by family. She decided to push the child away for a photo. Is this wrong and does she need to be witch-hunted by Internet? I don’t think so. It is one way of dealing with the child and it is her choice. Does she always push away her child whenever he is fussy and crying? We do not know by this one incident and we should not care. I am sure she knows being a parent is about having to deal with a child however he/she feels. Once again, do we need to judge them by this short clip? What do we know about them and do we need to know?

      • Being a parent is about deciding how to best take care of your kids. If i judged you from your one comment (a bad idea) I would advise you that your child is.just learning how to manipulate people by acting out when they dont get their way. Lets have cps come take your kids away before you ruin them. (Not) Doesnt feel great to be judged without warrant does it?

  13. There is no mask mandate in Florida. Disney World is a business in Florida. The business doesn’t make laws. No laws were broken here. And the kid was two feet away from them, crying. I doubt the child was in danger during the three seconds it takes to snap a photo. Please, let them get a picture. Plus, Disney probably made thousands off of them. Disney World = Rip Off.

    • yes they can ( the business) same as no shirt no shoes no service. never said it was a law its a requirement in Disney

  14. As a parent with a screaming child who did not want to take a picture, I have told them to go sit down or “stand over there”. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The only thing that’s wrong with this is that they weren’t wearing masks as the park instructs. You people need to get your panties out of a wad and out your ass. You obviously don’t have kids.

  15. The mom should have been more attentative to the child. At least find out why he was crying and do that then take a pic. Maybe he was tired of sitting in the stroller all day, did he have wet diapers, was he hungry or thirsty, was it nap time? All these questions should have been a priority over a pic. And Yes the child could have been kidnapped. Never leave a child unattended.

    • My question is before the picture, did the child not want food or drink they offered, just came from the rest room, just woke from a nap waking up grumpy, or wanting something they couldn’t and was told No

  16. So what? Kids cry. And masks don’t do a thing to slow the spread. We saw more crying tired kids at “rhe happiest place on earth” every trip.

  17. Always something to offend the habitually offended and this stupid nothing story is another one for this sad generation.

  18. I’m bothered by the no masks.
    I think pushing the crying child out of the picture is kind of funny.

  19. dont blame them at all! they probably will not be there again so why not take pictures without masks. no way the kid could get stolen he was right there

  20. The bigger question here might be, why is Disney not on top of this? Anyone not wearing a mask at this point should not only be kicked out of Disney Parks but also prosecuted.

    • There is no mask mandate in Florida or Reedy Creek. The only thing Disney, as a private property, can do is require the person to leave. If the person fails to leave, they can be arrested under Florida Statute 810.09.

  21. First, off your in Disney world. The SAFEST place for you to push your kid aside if you want a picture without a tired child ruining it.
    Second, Everywhere else in FLORIDA it is unnecessary to wear a mask. You pay a ton of money to to to Disney, these people may never go again. There is no issues with taking off your mask for a picture.
    THIRD, and most important. We are still in America.
    Fourth, just wash your hands.

  22. This is what is ruining this country people that don’t mind there own business. Plain and simple. If this offends you well you are part of the problem. We all don’t have to think the same way. Was it the best decision maybe at the time or maybe not but not your kid and not your family move right along. If your upset about the mask you are nothing more than a 5 year old whiny tattle tail crying that you didn’t get your way.

  23. They are horrible parents! They should be comforting the child! Yes he could have been kidnapped! They weren’t watching him at all wetent concerned for his safety!!!

  24. They should have been allowed to take a maskless photo in front of their car on the way out. Disney has rules for a reason and if you can’t follow them DON’T go. People thinking that they are entitled is getting old.

  25. The parents should have been physically removed from the park and permanently banned from returning to WDW. Rules are in place to protect everyone and flaunting the rules should result in an immediate exit. Period.

    • No reason to permanently ban someone merely for violating a temporary policy – if you really believe they should be banned, then only for the duration of the policy.

  26. All blown out of proportion. Hardly child neglect just poor parenting. As for the lack of masks, good on them.

  27. This is the reason that the pandemic has risen to such heights. These are the spoiled Americans who think they have to right to do anything they please at the detriment to others. And let’s not forget the poor child of this insensitive couple.

  28. Please, we love the news on the website, but don’t let it become like TMZ. This is a site for Disney news. Please do not become like the regular news sites have – where gossip and shaming poses as news. Just a dedicated Disney fan’s first reaction. We love what you guys normally do.

    • A video went viral at Disney World, it’s in the news, we report it. I prefer construction updates and new rides, trust me. Moderating comments on this stuff is an all-day process.

  29. Dude forget it…obviously you guys have 0 kids. We traveled this far and spent all this money and are huge Star wars fans. I’m getting a damn photo! My child is not hurt or dying….probably tired or hungry. Parents deserve a flipping BREAK!
    The child im sure is spoiled and AT DISNEY! Parents deserve a CRY free photo for a second.

  30. I love the snowflakes on here who just like to down anyone no matter what they do. Pansies. Holy holy…quit your whimper you fools. I’d be willing to bet you all have done worst.

  31. Parents disregarding their crying child @ the parks???? ALL THE TIME……
    Humans disregarding the rules……..DITTO

  32. They should be investigated for child neglect. The child could of been kidnapped. And they should of just forgot about the picture. They brought the child they should of done all activity with him. What awful parents.

  33. Outside for a few seconds not on top of others it doesnt seem so bad. Problem is when everyone is doing it. Monkey see monkey do…Thats why there are rules. Stick by the rules, You Are Not Special

  34. So getting a picture in front of the millennium falcon without your masks (violating park policy and endangering yourselves and others you’ll come in contact with) to likely utilize on their “influencer” page is top priority here? Of course if they think the masks would ruin their photo naturally they would hate showing their followers their upset child, as if kids don’t cry all day and night at Disney anyway. Can’t let the world know you’re normal! Picture perfect or death.

  35. If anyone has ever been to WDW with a child, they understand that after the first couple of days, everyone is exhausted and kids are crying everywhere. It comes with the territory. I’m guessing the people criticizing these parents aren’t parents themselves, or have never taken their toddler to WDW. In addition, CPS has no interest in anyone wasting their time over something like this. This isn’t abuse or neglect. You want to know what child abuse is? Talk to a local social worker. They’ll tell you stories that will give you nightmares and make you physically ill. In terms of the mask, everyone needs to mind their own business. If you feel like you need a mask, wear one. If you don’t need a mask, then don’t wear one. Quit trying to monitor everyone else and focus on what you can improve about yourself. It’s that simple.

  36. Wanting a picture with just the adults? That’s fine. The clear problem here is If you look at the shadows in the pictures, the poor kid is directly facing the sun. That is probably why he stared acting up. I live here and I know how terrible that sun is. Also they are not special, put the dam masks back on

  37. I’ve been to disney world children crying nonstop is just part of it trust me, it’s a huge place and loud when I was there I almost always at all times heard kids screaming bloody murder and crying theres nothing you can do, this is why I dont recommend bringing small children to disney world it’s not a place for toddlers, 8 or 9 and up is the perfect age. Also Who cares about stupid masks ppl need to get a hobby instead of being so dang worried about everyone else. Why ruin a good photo with a ugly dumb mask.

  38. They should have complied to park rules when it comes to wesring masks, and why wasnt any cast member enforcing this policy.

    As for the kid, they should have attended to the child first before taking there dream picture together then maybe the baby could have been in it also.

  39. I don’t blame them for wanting a picture, with out these ugly masks. Maybe they put the mask on after the picture. How far did she push the child away? Just out of the view of the picture? They probably could see the child. People need to stop judging, especially when you weren’t even there

  40. I’m seeing a lot of dislikes on the comments about what people think of the sobbing child’s wellbeing and I agree with these comments, I don’t have kids but I would stop at nothing to make sure the child is taken care of

  41. Look at all the PERFECT PARENTS judging! Why don’t we do something apparently most of you don’t know how to do…mind your dsmn business and worry about yourselves KARENS!

  42. The parents are selfish. Your children should come first. They are telling people and their child that the child is not as important as they are, or at least the child’s happiness

    • Theyre not telling anyone anything. I feel sorry for them for all the hatred people are throwing at them and the unwarranted invasion of their lives. Leave them and their child alone. stop making problems up.

  43. This mother obviously never got the memo that the Child Comes First – each and every time – 24 hours a day/7 days a week. I feel so sorry for the child because, as others have stated, the child’s needs were not placed first. Anyone could have come along and taken the child while she was busy posing. She would not have even noticed it because the child was already crying.. VERY SAD! This mother needs to grow up, QUICKLY, and stop being selfish!

    • You obviously know more about the childs needs from one photo than their parents do. Also a child comes first. Which includes being a good enough parent to be able to tell between a childs needs and a simple tantrum. Kid probably is tired. Doesnt like the noise or got scared by a stormtrooper. Maybe they took him for.lunch and a nap after this. You dont know these people. You saw a picture. Thats all. Calm down and try not to jump to conclusions.

  44. the Replies on this post are Great. Let’s look at this from an outside view. Universal Allows Pictures without masks, disney not allowing it, in my apion its dumb. if i can remove a mask to Drink,Eat or sit in a restaurant and eat and drink, a 6 sec picture is no different. if the mask works as long as you have yours on it should bother you because your “safe” Florida doesn’t have a mask Mandate and the numbers are no Different adjusted for population than Kalifornia. As for the Kid, we all that go to WDW more then once in ours lives, see this all the time, the cranky kid crying in the stroller. Now that little boy should be walking, not pushed around he probably sick off sitting,this picture is a Person taking a Picture of some other people Not a cast member taking a picture, so the person that took this picture and posted it, should Mind their own business, it’s none of your business what someone else does biggest issue with Social media, its like a bunch of gustopo running around now, Look…Loook. No mask……. as for the to people they look to be your typical Hipster out of state tourist. those 2 are what a generation of no discipline and let the child expresses its self has produced,

    Now for the comments, all but Gino, the rest off you are off your rocker. a Licenses to have kids, we aren’t China, not yet. Arrested for neglect, Call DFS whos surprised this is by someone named Karen, What is wrong with you people. I’m sure you have done something while raising your kids, if you have any, that someone else doesn’t like. stop sideline parenting.

  45. I see both sides of it and while I’d love to have my kids in the picture I see supposed parents not listening to rules in front of their supposed kid. Not setting a great example. Like it or not, the park has rules and they definitely broke one.

  46. I love all the downvoting on the neglect and bad parenting comments. They must be from “parents” who’ve done something similar. The act of pushing the child out of the photo speaks volumes of this couple. They are entitled, selfish, rude, and above all…obviously don’t want that child interrupting their vacation. Unfortunately when you have children, it’s a 24X7 job…you don’t really get to shove them out of the picture.

  47. We want the parks to stay open? Wear the masks. A small thing to do short term. This couple aren’t special. Kid thing is rude and I wouldn’t do it but not report worthy. This couple are a different breed for sure.

  48. She’s worried about her photo being ruined by her screaming child when she should be more concerned with her stupid outfit and that tired dry hair!

  49. I bet there was someone waiting to snatch up children in Disney World. Just sitting there. Scanning the crowds, not caring about security and how far they have to run with a screaming child towards the gates of HS, passed all the security and cameras, let alone first they have to unstrap them from the stroller. Have you ever had to struggle to get a child out of an umbrella stroller without taking the whole stroller with them? Luckily people at Disney World are much to busy to pay attention to children being snatched up. Those parents should have known better.

  50. The photo took maybe 30 seconds at the most to capture. These snowflakes in the comments obviously don’t have kids.

  51. Maybe this is Paris Hilton. Google posted a feed yesterday that she used a prosthetic to visit WDW recently so no one would recognize her. Maybe the child is her “Prosthetic” since no one would expect her to be with a child. 🤐

  52. Not defending them what so ever but we don’t know exactly what happened to lead to this unless we were there. To me it looks like the child didn’t want to have their picture taken. Mine have done similar and I’ve had them stand to the side. Maybe before we judge we should know the entire story. The no masks is shameful though. No excuse for breaking the rules on that.

  53. Ridiculous! Sometimes photographers even suggest “let’s get a pic of mom and dad. It looks like the stroller was a few feet away and the kid is clearly not a newborn, kids have melt downs, you don’t need to hang all over them and beg them to be happy 100% of the time. Maybe is crying because they wouldn’t buy him toy #5 for the day so he won’t grow up to be an entitled brat. (Like his parents who have absolutely no consideration for anyone as evidenced by not wearing masks)

  54. It’s a little eerie to me that your stalking people and taking a their picture, then posting their picture without truly knowing the whole story. Maybe you need to get a job that doesn’t slander people.

  55. That child looks around 4 years old and is probably throwing a fit because mom or dad said no to something. Then because he was throwing and tantrum decided to take a picture with out him. Or maybe he’s crying because he didn’t want to take a picture. And as far as the masks who wants a picture with a mask on they are outside and socially distanced. Give them a break and stop being so judgemental!

  56. I wouldn’t want a screaming child in the picture either… none of us know what the parents were dealing with prior to this… tired toddler.. toddler with special needs etc.. plus… you can tell me taking a pic6without ur kids is a bad thing… and as far as the child being taken.. if.. IF…a HUGE IF that happened..they wouldn’t most likely make it out of starwars land before being caught…

  57. To hell with disney, for all of those that criticize and admonish these people, stand up and grow a pair, quit hiding in your parents basement. Step up to me with that attitude and down you will go. I will show no mercy and will only stop when I am done. I am tired of these whiny brats thinking they are better and know better. You will know better, what the sky looks like laying on the ground looking up.

  58. Somebody needs to keep an eye on these two! This kid is going to be coming up missing in the near future! I’ll judge anybody, I don’t care! Keep an eye on them!!

  59. I know kids can be inconsolable but why didn’t she try to soothe her child before taking the photo? My one year old can communicate to me what he needs when he is upset. I am just in shock and agree with the kidnapping statement because Disney is the easiest place to lose a child.

  60. We have stopped going to WDW. We have been married for going on 29 years and have easily spent a half million dollars on Disney between vacations, meals and DVC- but until the end their unnecessary and onerous requirement that we wear masks OUTSIDE, we’re done. Call us when you are back to some semblance of sanity. I get in line, on rides or other indoor spaces- but this walking around the parks outdoors in a mask is nothing short of stupid.

  61. If they wanted to go to Disney with their kid they should know better.

    If you wanna take photos of each other and complain about the kid and push him out of photos than they should of left the kid at home with family or a sitter.

  62. The busybody mask police are hilarious. These parents did nothing wrong. The authoritarians will never leave you alone. They are the same people telling you that freedom might be legal again someday and you might be able to barbecue with a small group this July 4th.

  63. Just returned to Michigan from WDW. What I observed was about 60% actual compliance with masking and much less with distancing. Still, I only observed 2 cases of non-compliance addressed by cast members.

  64. I think it’s fine. A bit selfish but asa parent, it’s okay to ignore the irrational tears of a naughty child who is only tired and craving attention. Either way a moment alone for a photo is nothing to be ashamed of. The kids is fine and will continue to be fine. Nothing went wrong. Kids get upset when they pull roots off of a baby sunflower you just transplanted and you casually said, oh well, you just killed it. The plant needs roots to grow. No big deal. There are 7 left now. Then they take out their anger and step on the rest and then cry? . . . If he doesn’t like killing plants then why did he do it? Kids are funny. Just chill and don’t get upset just because they cry.You’re the adult and you can stay rational and have fun even though the kid is struggling with his emotions. You can teach him what to do after the photo opp. Geeze. Not everything is deathly urgent.

  65. Okay, here’s my two cents: they’re being total jerks to their kid. I’ve looked in the comments, and I see all these people talking about how the parents are allowed to want a picture without their crying kid, or how the park is highly secure so the kid isn’t in danger. Here’s the thing. Someone could have easily snatched up that kid, and there’s a pretty good chance they would have made it out of the park with them. Security doesn’t exactly stop people to ask “Excuse me, is that your kid?”. That danger aside, I get that they wanted a picture without their kid in it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is leaving your crying child completely unattended while to spend several minutes posing for a bloody picture! I don’t want to hear “clearly you’ve never had a child throw a tantrum”. This is a little kid in stroller! When your little kid is crying, you stop what you’re doing to find out why! You don’t just shrug and push the stroller to the side to go have a selfie!

  66. Good for them! Disney is insanely expensive and their kid is throwing a tantrum. He’s right next to them, just not in the picture so he’s in no danger. To those saying they need to lose their parental rights…you and how you’ve obviously raised your children are why society is so messed up today. Bet your kids were all “winners” at everything too. Stupid.

  67. If you are perfect, if you are a perfect parent, if you are a perfect human… Then go ahead and judge them, otherwise you have no place to make a comment. Love one another and don’t judge. The hate and judgement of others is reprehensible. Love others. Treat others with grace.

  68. Big freaking deal. Pushing your crying child out of a photo is no big deal. Trust me, they knew exactly what that child was doing the whole time. As far as the mask. Who cares. You will not find a photo of me with a mask on. Even if I was at Disney.

  69. It’s amazing how selfish these “parents” are commenting. “The parents paid thousands of dollars.” Guess what? So did other parents who follow the rules and have well behaved children. Paying money doesn’t give you and your children the right to be a-holes.

  70. I think it is none of my business. He is not being abused. If parents with crying kids at Disney is a problem that needs fixing one could spend all day every day doing it.

  71. As a private company, Disney has all the rights to refuse access and service if you cannot follow the rules. So, if they require a mask and you can’t follow the rules, they can have you escorted out. No one is forcing you to be there. Who cares that Florida prematurely removed mask mandates, if you don’t like it, don’t go! It’s simple.

  72. So sick and tired of entitled POS that think they’re above rules. Selfishness is quite evident in that they “pushed the stroller away” and “continued to pose for pics” while their child continued to cry

  73. Only parents should weigh in on this one. I dont blame them one bit. Hits throw fits even ( and especially at) Disneyland. Kids are so over stimulated and they want everything. You cant always make them happy. They wanted a picture, a happy picture. Grow some skin. Its not like they abandoned the kid.

  74. How do you know the child is alone? How do you know that she can see her child. How many pictures do you have without your children? Do you even have children? Please people, find something to do.

  75. I can’t blame the child for covering his face. I would be too if I was forced to be associated with those people.

  76. All I have to say is children always come first then the parents your child is always MORE important than a picture and YES I have children

    • Clickbait would indicate that the title lied to you or was vague to peak interest. Go look at the title and tell me the whole story isn’t there. You clicked it because it was interesting, don’t be mad at us when clearly many people found this interesting and it sparked good conversation.

      • Maybe clickbait is the incorrect term. However I go to this site to learn about relevant Disney World news. I called this trash because I feel you are just using a controversial topic to get clicks on a slow news day and I find it unethical to spread this story due to privacy concerns for the family. I expect this kind of stuff on social media but you should be better than this.

        • We post 29 stories a day, there is no slow day. Any video that has EVER gone viral from the parks we have shared, that’s our beat. The Toontown fight comes to mind as an uncomfortable story we had to share. Privacy rights are a thing you can yell about for every news story about people ever. A wrongly accused suspect in a case doesn’t have a right to privacy even though they are innocent, just not how that works. You did something in public, it was caught on camera, that’s kind of the end of the fight.

          Additionally, the names and identities of these people aren’t even here and the image quality is terrible. I think it’s being blown out of proportion.

          • I’m sorry if I am coming off overly combative. Maybe the problem is my own. I just feel this content is too controversial and isolated to spark anything but “bad conversation” everyone has their hot take or politicizes it in whatever direction, never considering maybe a blurry photo doesn’t tell the entire story. Court of public opinion stuff seems like a bad thing to encourage. But at the end of the day it’s your site I guess who am I to dictate what content you want to share. :/

  77. As a parent of 3 (all still living and doing great) I have no issues with moving the kid throwing a temper tantrum. I do however have a issue with be inconsiderate to everyone but themselves and not wearing a mask.

  78. I have nothing against the actual act of pushing the child away for a photo. I understand that you do not want a wonderful memory ruined by a screaming child. That is not a big deal to me. What IS a big deal is taking off a mask for a photo at Disney. It is specifically against the rules. I recently spent 8 days at Disney world parks, and took all my photos safely with my mask on. Would I have loved to have taken it off to capture some non-face covering magic, absolutely, but that’s not the current rules at Disney. Disney CLEARLY states to keep your face covering on while taking photos.

    Again, I do not care about the child aspect of this article. Do with your child what you want. Its not neglect, or bad parenting.

  79. Darn shame. My wife and I purposely take pictures of our kids when they have a tantrum. It is an investment in embarrassing them when they are adults.

  80. That they aren’t wearing masks does not surprise me. Their kid probably has covid19 and they are ignoring it because it interferes with their fun at Disney Land. At best that kid was tired, overheated, hungry and thirsty. All things more important to address than having your picture taken. The word is selfish, self absorbed deadbeat parents.

  81. Please come tell me how to raise my kids so I can take my parental frustrations out on you! Have a nice day!

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