PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 3/3/21 (Wishables Wednesday, Lt. Hopps MagicBand, Characters, and a Duck)



PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 3/3/21 (Wishables Wednesday, Lt. Hopps MagicBand, Characters, and a Duck)



PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 3/3/21 (Wishables Wednesday, Lt. Hopps MagicBand, Characters, and a Duck)

Welcome to another beautiful day at the Magic Kingdom!


Ok, so it didn’t start that way; it was rainy, humid, and the weather app kept saying to “expect thunderstorms.” On the bright side, the crowds remained small this morning and the bus ride to the park felt more like a personal valet.


We walked into the park and took a moment to remember those that have fallen from COVID-19 as we saw the flag fly at half-mast today.


The castle, although wet from the quick shower was still unchanged from previous days.


Workers seemed more concerned with the extra water on the dry side of the dam. Well, you can’t blame them as that equipment isn’t quite made for underwater use.


Once the sun came out, we did have a fun photoshoot with the new Peter Pan’s Flight Wishables, which can be found at the Emporium and other stores around Walt Disney World for $9.99.


Unfortunately, out of the 4 blind bags we bought, we ended up with a trio of Peter Pans. That’s the gamble of the blind bag!


In the excuse to ride the ride claiming they would make some great pics, the ride disagreed with us and went down.


Followed by the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which we still have no idea if it even opened back up today, likely due to the inclement weather in the area.


Space Mountain shut down as well, but it did actually get back up and running later in the day.


Of course, the Peoplemover is still down for now. The ride vehicles are not even moving around to give us the fantasy of riding it soon.


Mad Tea Party is still being refurbished as well and something about the sign on the far end has been really bugging us. Reading it just makes us feel all topsy-turvy.


On a more fun construction note: it was pretty cool watching two workers hoist up another part of the TRON Lightcycle / Run canopy to be put into place.


We’re still waiting and excited to see the new addition to The Hall of Presidents. Unlike watching outside construction, we have no idea what progress is being made here.


On our way around the park, the skies began to clear and the temperatures began to rise so we needed something to cool down.


Lucky for us there was no wait whatsoever (since everyone was probably at opening day for the 2021 Taste of EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival!) and we had a refreshing Dole Whip.


Before leaving we stopped at the Emporium and found a new MagicBand with a Zootopia design featuring Judy Hopps. We’ve got to say, love the new style.


Before we forget, we did run into some characters visiting from the Hundred Acre Wood and promised Eeyore that we did indeed notice him.


Construction on Disney’s Polynesian Resort is still moving forward and every day brings us closer to a once-great view while having sushi at the Kona Cafe again.


Some good news though: standing out there a familiar long unseen monorail passed by, Monorail Yellow!


Sadly, while the outside looks nice and sparkly, the inside hadn’t changed much since it was taken off the track. Strangely though, it kind of felt like the first normal thing at Disney in a long time, like coming home.


With one last construction update, Floridian Way seems to be progressing as well, but as a puzzle with few pieces and no pictures, we’re not sure when it’ll be complete.


If you thought things ended there, you are wrong, because we had to stop at EPCOT to grab this little guy which is much heavier than he looks, must be all the vitamin C.


Oh and we made a new friend, we’re calling him Eduardo and he says, thank you all for joining us but the Étouffée is getting cold. Tune in with us next time as we explore the kingdom once again and update you on the latest changes with the addition of a few characters and maybe a duck.