PHOTOS: Cleaning Continues and Stage Flooring Removed from Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom in Preparation for 50th Anniversary Decorations

Cinderella Castle is being prepared for Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary and “The World’s Most Magical Celebration”, which will begin October 1, 2021, and last for 18 months. The moat was recently drained and the stage floor has been removed. Now the castle and moat are being cleaned before decorating begins.


The stage was blocked off and covered in scrim two weeks ago. The platforms that framed either side of the stage have since been removed.


The first level of the stage has gone untouched so far.


There is plenty of rust visible on the back of the stage.


The metal beams that covered the length of the stage have now been removed.


These short poles are where the stage platforms sat.


There’s some water in the stage, likely from Florida rain. The stage will need a good cleaning before the flooring is replaced.


As we noted in our last update, the west side of the moat is where most cleaning has taken place so far.


Pollen and other debris have been removed.


These temporary stairs are for workers to move in and out of the drained moat.


Check out all of the exciting new offerings during this 18 month celebration that begins October 1st.

Are you excited for the “earidescent” Cinderella Castle makeover to celebrate The World’s Most Magical Celebration? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Outstanding coverage and inside pics.
    The first year we missed WDW and it stings.

  2. If the “earidescent” is better than the pepto bismol pink…then absolutely.

  3. I pray that there is no damage getting through into the tunnels! That would be a God awful mess and terror! Keep the damage prevention going Disney. That is one thing you are good at. °o°

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