PHOTOS: Closer Look at the Pavilion Logo Flags Now Flying at EPCOT

Earlier today, Imagineer Zach Riddley shared a first look at all twelve new pavilion logo flags being hoisted in front of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT. Now that the park is open, we can take a closer look.


There are two groups of six flags, one on either side of Spaceship Earth greeting guests as they enter the park.


Each flag has a logo representing one of (the currently existing) six pavilions in Future World. There are only flags and logos representing the currently open pavilions, but new logos representing upcoming attractions and pavilions will likely be displayed when those areas open.


In the above photo, the logos on the top row from left to right represent Imagination!, The Seas, and World Showcase. The logos on the bottom row represent World of Motion (Test Track), Spaceship Earth, and The Land.


With the hoisting of the flags, the reimagining of EPCOT’s main entrance is now mostly complete.

Keep checking WDWNT as we continue to track the other major construction projects throughout EPCOT.

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Adric Waterhouse
Adric Waterhouse
7 months ago

I seem to be unable to comment on the linked thread about the new pavilion logos, however I have made this mockup of what the proper pavilion icons would be. As you notice, all the icons are coloured based on what neighborhood they are in. I have labeled the show pavilion icon (most people seem to be calling it the fireworks icon) as such, since the elevated pavilion (if it is still going to be built) would have been in the World Celebration neighborhood and is coloured as such. If they were going to have an icon for the nighttime… Read more »