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PHOTOS: E.T. Adventure Now Loading Every Row at Universal Studios Florida

As spring break crowds ramp up, the Universal Studios Resort in Orlando has reached capacity in some form for several days in a row. In an attempt to offset the extremely long wait times and crowds, multiple attractions are no longer utilizing physical distancing while riding. The Transformers attraction started seating guests in every row earlier this week, and the E.T. Adventure has followed suit today.


Every row is utilized on the attraction now without empty rows being left in between guests.


Guests stand on numbered floor markers while waiting to board, but there is no attempt. to divide the guests or even keep them distant before boarding.


The gates where guests stand side-by-side with far less than six feet between them do not have any kind of plexiglass divider.

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Each row is filled, however they are only seating one party per row.


“The Bourne Stuntacular” previously left every other row empty in the theater, but like many of the Universal Studios attractions, they are no longer doing that. Physical distancing guidelines are loosening across the board with the increasing crowds as an attempt to reduce wait times.

Are you excited for the hope of lessened wait-times, or do you wish physical distancing measures were being taken more seriously at Universal Studios Florida? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. I’m excited and hope they remove all distancing measures soon. Bring back the normal!

  2. The ridiculousness continues…ever changing “rules”, no consistency… either there’s safety mandates or there’s not. This half way stuff is absolutely ludicrous .

  3. I would rather wait a little extra in line and know that myself and family are safe than to have some nasty people breathing on me in line and the ride.

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