PHOTOS: Work Continues on Moana – Journey of Water, MouseGear, and New Restaurants at EPCOT

To be divided into four neighborhoods, the EPCOT we once knew will be reimagined as the theme park prepares for new experiences. The former Electric Umbrella location and MouseGear continue to be renewed, and now that Innoventions West is gone, work on transforming the area into Moana – Journey of Water can take shape.


In our last update of the former Innoventions West site, excavation was taking place.


Construction equipment, materials, and barricades remain as preparation to turn the area into Moana – Journey of Water continues.


The land where Innoventions West once stood now is flat and bare, aside from a couple of preexisting concrete patches.


Speaking of concrete, it looks like construction has already started on creating some concrete platforms in the Journey of Water area.


Over at Innoventions East, more metal framework has been added to the inside, but the interior of the building still seems to be mainly used for housing equipment for the renewal of MouseGear at the moment. We suspect MouseGear will open this year, while this dining pavilion will follow possibly next year.

As seen above, the new restaurant will have a more modern feel with its clean lines and next-level counter area.


Over on the south end, construction is very active on MouseGear. We assume this is because the store may be open for the influx of guests for the opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and the 50th-Anniversary of Walt Disney World in October.


Workers can be seen on high reaches in the ceiling.


The new design of MouseGear was desired for the retail store to be surrounded in immense windows, which is soon to be achieved. You can get an idea of the interior from the concept art below:


Some metal frames have been added to the façade.


Some additional metal beams have been added to the ceiling work in the breezeway as well.


On the southern edge of the building, some pathway work is being framed, leading from a side entrance to what will possibly be a backstage area. This area will also be where a new popcorn kiosk will be built.

Keep up with WDWNT as we bring you updates on the latest EPCOT projects.

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5 months ago

Mouse Gear to follow the trend of removing color, character’s and charm from another fan favorite I see. Can’t wait for the next makeover to correct this mistake.