PHOTOS: First Peek at Facade of La Gelateria in Italy Pavilion at EPCOT

The Italy Pavilion in EPCOT is getting a new gelato stand. La Gelateria will be a brand new quick service dining location that specializes in sweet gelato treats.


We got a glimpse of the new stand as it was being brought into the park for construction back in January.


The detail in the stand fits in perfectly with the rest of the pavilion. Small chimneys and framed windows adorn the outside of the stand.


Today, our reporters managed to sneak a peek at the inside of the highly anticipated dessert kiosk.


A glimpse inside one of the windows shows a beautiful mural on the tile wall. Two birds flutter around a colorful mural inside. A blue and white trim adorns the wall as well, further transporting us all to Italy while visiting the pavilion.


If you look closely you can spot more painted detail along the trim next to the ceiling.


The stand itself is a terracotta brown that matches the rest of the pavilion. Windows were installed with a wooden framing detail.


An awning with a clay roof further matches the surrounding architecture.


The windows will hopefully bring some natural light into the stand as well.


The new gelato stand is located to the right of the Enoteca Castello wine shop, and sits closest to the America Pavilion.

Are you excited for La Gelataria to open at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments below!