PHOTOS: New Monorail Platform Installation Underway at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort will soon have a brand new Monorail station and porte-cochere, thanks to an extensive refurbishment. Columns for the Monorail station have been erected and prepped to receive platforms — which bases for have been installed since our last check-in.


A platform base has been installed along the sides of the Monorail station.


This platform connects the pillars that line the station on each side.


On this side, rebar to create the top-most parts of the pillars remain.


However, on the other side, the pillars above the latest installation are now being formed with concrete.


Only some of the pillars have received concrete work, but we’re sure the others aren’t far behind.


The two large pillars in front of the Great Ceremonial House now stand taller as more rebar has been added to the tops.


The tall columns will support a walkway from the Great Ceremonial House to the Monorail station once completed.


After the recent look of the new Moana-themed rooms, refurbishment continues outside of the Rarotonga longhouse.


Though Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort will be reopening this summer, it’s unclear whether the construction around the new Monorail station and the Great Ceremonial House will be completed or not.

Keep checking WDWNT for updates on this project!

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