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Walt Disney World Under Fire for Denying Access to Rapper’s Autistic Cousin Without Face Mask

Since Walt Disney World reopened its theme parks last summer, there have been many incidents regarding guests not wearing the required face masks, including most recently a man being arrested for spitting on a Cast Member. Now rapper Joey Bada$$ (Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott) has posted a video on Instagram of Cast Members at the Transportation and Ticket Center who would not allow his family entry because his autistic cousin wasn’t wearing a mask.

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“You guys just turned away an autistic child from Disney World,” Scott said to the Cast Members in the Instagram video. “Nothing to say? Maybe one day when you have kids you’ll understand.”

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He named the Cast Members involved, along with their positions. He tagged several Disney accounts in his caption, where he also wrote, “Never coming back to Disney again. . . . The child thinks the mask is suffocating, the child also has no idea why it is even a requirement. Not to mention that, kids under 2, doesn’t have to wear a mask. These guys have completely ruined my family’s trip. We came out here 30+ for my daughters bday and they turned my lil cousin away, can’t even enjoy this experience anymore.”

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Walt Disney World has updated and clarified its face-covering policy multiple times. As of now, guests aged 2 and up are required to wear an approved face mask at all times except when actively eating or drinking. There are no exceptions for guests with disabilities.

  1. That’s their policy though. We have a family member who is special needs, and cognitively does not understand why people are wearing face masks and will not wear one for sensory issues, she’s also nonverbal and due to medical issues is on a liquid diet and has respiratory issues. She thoroughly enjoys Disneyland, but our family is not going as a whole to Disney World or plane rides or Disneyland until face masks are no longer required, and the threat of COVID is over as well. In the past, Disney has been very accommodating with her needs, with a guest disability access pass and marking her stroller as a wheelchair. If you bend the rules on face masks so many people will take advantage of it. They are a private company enforcing their own rules just like airlines. My spouse and I are taking our three year old daughter to Disney World next month, and we’ve been practicing wearing face masks everywhere we go, so she is prepared for the plane and when we are on WDW property. We would love for other family members to join us like they normally do, but our special needs family member won’t wear one, so we are hoping for a big family trip next year.

  2. Welcome to the club Joey!!! The rest of America has been enduring this and questioning Disney’s and our country’s leadership. Outside there should not be a problem. Kids are not super spreaders. Autistic children have been turned away at WDW; you are not the first. Autistic children have been turned away from the Disney Store. Disney is a private company and no amount of celebrity will get you around their rules.

    1. I don’t think “the rest of the country has been questioning Disney’s and our country’s leadership” regarding the use of masks to stop the spread of infection. There is a reason that before this pandemic, Doctors and Nurses wore masks…they work.

      1. No they don’t. It was massive social engineering and a feel good measure because they had no solutions.

        1. Yes they do, it covers up the sneezing and coughing to only the inside of the mask, it works idk why people have to hate it

    2. My autistic grandchild was also denied and destroyed our hole very exspencive family vacation! The airline let him fly a Florida aquarium let him in but because he was over 2yrs. He was denied and started crying he was 4yrs. But mentally only 2 or 3 yrs. Our hole family was crying in front of all the guest. I had wasted a wks. Vacation money on 7days hotels,airfare from California to Florida,rental car,food for the hole trip and one a one income budget! It took me a long time to pay for this trip in advance!!!😥😥😥😥 worst of all my grandbaby is on our phones all day watching Disney videos a million times a day over and over our hole family grew up with disneyland!the trip was in October of 2020 and the park already had there new social distancing rules and plastic safeguards up and younger kids were allowed in without a mask so if everyone else had a mask on and he has to take the exits do to his disability and not being able to stand in line.

  3. Umm 🤔 not sure why this rapper is trying to create a cancel culture for the company. This virus doesn’t discriminate and won’t infect the child just because he/she is autistic. The sad truth is that there are just some things you can’t make exceptions for, and the risk of getting or spreading the Covid-19 virus is one of them.

    Disney is a want, not a need. Don’t assume just because you have a social media following that you are going to bully the Walt Disney Company into putting the childs’ or other guests health at risk.

    If it’s that important to go, then just wait until the mask requirement is lifted on property.

    1. You didn’t have to wear one during flu season, they weren’t worried about people sharing germs that season.

      1. have you seen this year’s flu numbers? Due to mask wearing and social distancing the flu numbers are down exponentially across the board. Masks work! Social distancing works! The only reason Covid numbers are so high is due to how contagious it is! Without masks or social distancing we’d have millions dead in the US and not just half a million which would be less if people stopped fighting and listened to scientists!

    2. Exactly right! A lot of places have policies that say something along the lines of “if it isn’t safe for you to wear a mask, then it isn’t safe for you to be out in public.” We all are stuck wearing these things wether we like it or not, so looking for ways to get out of it is just endangering you and those around you which is not smart.

    3. Are you serious? So hundreds of people can take their masks off on airplanes and in the theme parks while they eat (oh I forgot magically while you eat you can’t get infected?) but our kids don’t deserve to be able to do those same things just because they can’t wear a mask (that does nothing), you people are insane. Exceptions NEED to be made and be made NOW!

  4. Why should there be an exception for the autistic child? Would the autistic child not need to be protected from covid? If any child refuse to wear mask autistic or not, then he should not be taken anywhere, for his own safety.

    1. Disgusting rebuttals, a child can’t choose to have this disability!! As someone with an autistic child and seeing everything these kids go through day in and day out of course you wouldn’t understand! It’s sad it’s a place for children and yet every child can go besides the ones with disabilities!!! It’s shameful and disgusting at best!!!

      1. I have a non verbal sensory seeking 12 year old son who is autistic. If he won’t leave his mask on we leave. These kids need the same rules and structure as every other child. My son is a level 3 and with patience and ABA he leaves his mask on for an hour at a time before he needs a short break. We won’t go to crowded places until Covid is under control as I love my son and want to keep him safe.

    2. Yes I agree. My grandson is special needs sensory. We will not take him. We canceled our trip last year.

      1. Their company, their private property, their rules. Your decision is to go or not go. Not to go and not follow their rules. The persons to blame in this story are the ones that lead the child or their parents to believe they could ignore the rules and still get in. Disney is serious.

      2. Except on private property. Damn y’all seriously forget that Disney is a Privilege, not a right. If exceptions were made for one, it would have to be made for all and then you wouldn’t have Disney again because it would turn into a super spreader event. It is entirely your fault if you go to a place that has seriously advertised that they have strict rules and policies, and expect to be given an exception to those rules. It doesn’t work like that.

  5. It was only a matter of time before a situation like this reared its head… I totally understand where this guy was coming from, but you can’t be mad at the cast members who are only doing their jobs and doing what they’re told to do. They probably also agree that it’s unfair, but they don’t make the rules and, sadly, they’re being treated like crap by a lot of people for having to enforce them… It’s a rough situatuion…

    1. He is actually the 2nd family to complain. He’s just getting more attention because he’s a “rapper”

    2. Agreed, and for this “famous” person to continue that poor treatment of employees isn’t right. Using his influence in the wrong way.

    3. I informed of the rules before you go and if the entire party is not willing or unable to wear masks then postpone your trip until it’s not required. Poor cast members just Doing their jobs. It’s unfortunate but there is really no excuse for anyone not to be prepared when they arrive to follow the rules.

      1. You freaking kidding me!! Some kids are allowed in without a mask!!!! And the Disabled rights are being taking away by Disney. Private companies have to abide by the same laws as others…

  6. It’s disgusting there are no exceptions for children with disabilities. Absolutely disgusting. My son also has autism and he can’t go on an airplane or to a theme park right now while hundreds of other families can fly on an airplane, go to theme parks and take their masks off while eating but gosh forbid he walk around without a mask. The world should be outraged by that, but until it’s their child no one cares.

    1. I’m curious, where would you draw the line, and why do you feel it’s “Absolutely disgusting”? What, exactly, is disgusting? The fact that you won’t receive special treatment due to your sons condition? Sure, hundreds of other families are going on planes and to theme parks. Hundreds are also not going. Many people who suffer from anxiety and have trouble wearing the masks are not going, should they then be allowed to go maskless ?

    2. “It’s disgusting there are no exceptions for children with disabilities. Absolutely disgusting.”
      “The world should be outraged by that, but until it’s their child no one cares.”
      YOU are the disgusting one. The “rights” of your child are not greater than those of anyone/everyone else. If it was my child, and said child refused to wear a mask, I’d have enough sense to keep my child at home, because I’d want my child to remain SAFE. Do you WANT an increased risk of COVID-19 for your child? Sounds like it; maybe you’re tired of being burdened with a special-needs child?

    3. 100% agreed. These poor children go through enough every day but god forbid children with special needs cannot be accommodated as if they chose this?? It’s heartbreaking and disgusting at very best. For a place that works so closely with make a wish foundation and others similar they should be ashamed!!!!

    4. It’s disgusting to think you believe just because you have a special needs child that they can’t get or spread the virus. Deal with it buttercup

    5. Half a million Americans are dead from a virus but you are right life without Disney for one year is more important than another half million dying.

      1. Thats why everyone else is wearing the mask so they dont get sick!!!!! So you think some kids should be allowed in because of there age but not the disabled!!!!! You have got to insane!!!

    1. Yes parents/family of special needs kids advocating for our kids are entitled, clearly, what an idiotic thing to say

  7. Good. You must wear a mask, no exceptions. This is not news, it’s been the case since reopening. If the kid can’t wear a mask, this is not the time to go to Disney. You don’t deserve special treatment. Let this idiot complain.

  8. They shouldn’t bend the rules for anyone. Doesn’t matter who they are. If one gets away with it, more will follow.

    1. Even if it’s a make a wish kid with 3 days to live and this is there final wish.

        1. The sooner your child learns the world doesn’t revolve around him, the better off everyone will be.

        2. Just imagine if you didn’t have a kid with autism – you’d actually have to develop a real personality instead of trotting your kid out for internet points.

  9. And if Disney allows the kid in and he catches covid? They’d be the first to sue Disney for letting him in without mask.

    1. No try they will now be the 1st to sue Disney for failure to comply with medical exemptions-which Autism Spectrum Disorder is one as it’s a federal disability!!

  10. Maybe if he actually spoke the English language properly, people might take him more seriously….that’s number 1)….number 2), He isn’t special because he is a “Rap” artist. He needs to follow the same guidelines as others. EVERY Autistic child needs to wear them, including my Grandson who has severe Autism. Pick another place to have a bday party, ….he knew the rules, he just thought he would get special treatment and he is all butt hurt bcuz he didn’t.

    1. Not every autistic child is the same, my granddaughter will not wear one, doesn’t understand the concept, doesn’t like her face being covered, but I’m also not asking for special treatment, we do have a trip planned but if my son don’t work with her to wear one we will cancel their portion of the trip.

  11. The entire rule has been and still is stupid, and Disney is getting worse not better as covid itself begins to dissipate. People will remember.

    1. People will remember…that the Disney Corporation kept them safe by adhering to scientifically backed rules geared toward keeping millions alive? Yea, you’re right. They will remember that! 😉

    2. Why I will not step foot in the place til the requirement goes away. I used to go yearly sometimes more . I dont agree with the nonsense and I do have a autistic son. I will go elsewhere to spend my money where they are not that stringent and I can enjoy myself. No loss to me. Other places are cheaper anyways.

  12. If there was a family member with that disability and issue, they should have contacted Disney before booking for clarification and any questions. You cant just show up at the gate and expect rules to not apply to you because you are “famous”.

  13. Thanks, Disney, for having rules and then enforcing them. I very much appreciate that. That way everyone can understand what to expect and what levels of risks will be at the parks.

  14. Many people living on the autism spectrum have severe sensory issues as well. Wearing something not only over there face and ears, but possibly restricting access to their mouth can cause a meltdown. My son when he was younger, if a drop of water were to get on his clothing would strip down completely. Transition in seasons meant having to transition in wardrobe; it could take over a week to get him used to changing from long pants to shorts. When in their typical, comfortable environment, adjusting to changes (like needing to wear a mask) can be a challenge. But Disney is not typical and can be very overwhelming to the senses. Thus, someone with sensory issues would need to utilize several strategies to manage a day in a Disney park.
    All that being said, a parent/guardian needs to be aware of what their child’s threshold is and if they are able to comply with rules put in place for the safety of all. I personally would not have taken my son (at ages 3-10) to Disney if there was a mask mandate in place.

  15. A child with a disability has to wear a seatbelt, which is more restrictive. Good luck trying an ADA excuse to get out of a seatbelt ticket and/or a child endangerment charge if a highway patrol catches the kid unseatbelted.

    Covid does not care if a person is ADA. Covid is an equal opportunity infector.

    Doctors have worn masks during surgeries since the 1920s. Doctors have never experienced difficulty breathing in them. If you cannot breath in a mask, get tested for Covid because difficulty breathing is a symptom.

  16. Disney is private property and they have the same property rights as one does at their own house and land. They have the right to refuse entry and service for any or no reason as long as it is not based on membership of a legally protected group. The American With Disabilities Act only requires reasonable accommodations to be made based on a disability as long as it does not cause undue hardship. Allowing someone to walk around without a mask during the COVID 19 pandemic has scientifically been proven to cause an undue hardship because it puts the lives and safety of others at risk since COVID 19 can spread super easily and since we do not have enough of the population fully vaccinated against this virus to achieve herd immunity. Because of this, no business is required under the ADA to admit anybody who is not wearing a mask. To be honest, Disney could of just kept Walt Disney World closed indefinitely if they choose to.

    1. Hmmmm not sure herd immunity can be achieved with the vaccine they are very open about the fact that it does not stop asymptomatic spread……

  17. He is not the first person to be turned away for that. They put the policy in place when they first opened. They said there was no exceptions then and there are none now. It is all over their website. They are a private establishment and have the right to turn anyone away. This is just getting so much attention because he is famous and thinks he can use that weight to throw a tantrum and get his way.

  18. It also for the safety of the child and other children no exception all kids should have mask kids should been trained

  19. First of all, calling out the individual Cast Members by name and their positions in your video was petty and wrong. They are just doing their job; they don’t make the rules, Disney does. Plus it opens those Cast Members up to more harassment by any one of your followers or the average everyday jerk who watched the video. Second Disney property has rules you have to follow in order to stay. It’s no different than the old no shoes, no shirt, no service rule. Third maybe you or someone in your family should have researched the park requirements before getting there and complaining that your trip was ruined because they wouldn’t let you in because you wouldn’t follow their rules. There are lots of people with special needs children that have either opted not to go if their child cannot wear a mask or have helped their children get used to wearing them. Dude get over yourself!

  20. “Walt Disney World Under Fire”
    Under fire from whom? I saw no mention of any pushback, protests, or even discussion by anyone mentioned in the article.
    Clickbait headline….

  21. The whole covid situation sucks. But in an effort to try to open safely Disney has set strict rules that guests and cast members must follow. None of these rules should be a surprise. If you have a child with special needs then you need to check the rules for wherever you are going. If they require a mask and your child can’t wear one then that is not someplace you should be going right now. You are not entitled to a trip to Disney world. Wait until later this year or even next year and hopefully all these precautions will be retired and we can all visit Disney like we used to.

    1. My child is not entitled to a trip to Disney world after struggling with their medical issues but a Typical kid is because they will cooperate with wearing a piece of fabric over their face? Wow! So compassionate and inclusive…

      1. My child is autistic and we are going in May for her 6th birthday. She understands the rules and knows that in order to have fun we have to stay safe. She also understands that at anytime if she refuses to wear a mask we will leave and wait till the mask mandate is over. We have been preparing for this since our original trip was cancelled in 2020. Disney is not telling our kids they’re not “entitled” to a trip to Disney, they’re saying if you or your family members cannot comply with the mask rules, now isn’t the time to go.

      2. No child is entitled to go to Disney. It’s a privilege of the wealthy. There are millions of kids that will never go to Disney ever because their families can’t afford it and some go multiple times a year. Your child will be lucky just to go at all so stop complaining about how unfair it is to have to wait to go. That’s first world privilege at it’s finest.

    2. You say that like it’s a short term mandate/rule…..”just wait to leave your basement for a few years” lol kid can’t wear a mask and ya’ll think he should crawl in a hole until the dumb rule goes away. But will it…?

  22. I have 2 autistic sons. We work on wearing face masks for months. You need to wear them at school, grocery shopping, any everywhere you go. It is the rules. You know this before you came to disney. There is no reason to try to give disney a bad name. They are not discriminating against you. Everyone must wear a mask. You don’t get special treatment because your a celebrity.

  23. PRIVATE PROPERTY. You go, you follow the rules. These are health and safety rules to keep the possible asymptomatic mask wearer from spreading covid. Save the celebration for when the pandemic is over. Special needs does not equate to ignore safety. My family has several special needs members, who either wear face coverings or don’t attend events where they are required.

  24. This so called celebrity knew there was a masking policy, and that there were no exceptions. Then showed up at the gate asking for an exception. Surprised the “Do You Know Who I Am?” card didn’t come out.

  25. Why are people confused that COVID doesn’t discriminate. Autistic or not that child would be at risk without a mask!

    This isn’t rocket science people! WEAR THE DAMN MASK or stay home if you don’t like the rules that are put in place to protect EVERYONE!

    1. Wait so the child is now at risk by not wearing a mask? Or “everyone else” which is it?

  26. My nephew is autistic and he practiced wearing a mask for many weeks prior to the trip. He totally understood that it was for his protection and had no issues. I stand by Disney and their policy.

  27. Considering the risk of death from COVID is higher if you have autism, it seems even more important to stay out of environments like Disney World, particularly when not wearing a mask.
    Not only that, Disney makes no secret of the fact that face coverings are required and that any guest unable to comply should stay home. You receive that notification multiple times before you get to the TTC. If you want to question if there are any circumstances for an exception, that would be the time to make inquiries.

  28. The rule used to be children three and older. Maybe they purchased their tickets before the rule changed? Either way, he has a right to express his opinion/disappointment; Disney is not a cheap trip.

  29. Cast members are simply enforcing company policy. He should have done his research before purchasing tickets and going, it’s all over Disney’s website as well

  30. I’m pleased this was their stance because that’s the policy at the moment and if there’s no exception to anyone else with a disability then just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they should be the exception.
    I don’t however agree with their mask policy for young children because trying to get a mask on a two year old is ridiculous and I don’t think safe.
    However we know the policy and therefore won’t be going while young children must wear masks. He should have not put the child or cast member in this position, Disney mask policy is very clear when you book.

  31. Its not about entitlement, it’s about treating people like humans and not as diseased leper. Yes, WDW is private property and they can mandate what they want, however, drop the nonsense mask rules and bad PR like this won’t happen.

    1. Thank you Prince Naveen. Finally some common sense. People acting like the two year old in a stroller going to give them covid outside.

  32. I am with Disney on this one. It is their policy, I felt like the mask was suffocating me but I stuck through it and I noticed it isn’t that bad

  33. So when I was a kid we had a neighbor who would not wear clothes. It sucked for his parents they pretty much couldn’t take him anywhere. Because he would strip the first chance he got. Disney requires masks and clothing. So if you knew the policy and showed up with someone you knew would be non compliant. You pretty much showed up to throw a fit.

  34. I live in Las Vegas and even Usher and other celebrities follow our mask policy for the casino/city/county.

    This is a whinny rapper who in 5 years will be a nobody trying to grab attention to sell more stuff at the expense of his lil cousin.

  35. If you know that you or a family member can’t or won’t wear a mask you just have to wait until the mask mandate is over. That’s just a fact of life now. No one should have to make concessions because you want to do something but don’t want to follow the rules. I willingly wear a mask so I can and will go to Disney whenever I want. If anyone in my family says they refuse to wear one despite the rules than oh well, guess you’re staying home or we’re waiting till we’re allowed without a mask.

    1. You’re assuming it will be over. Every week there’s a new reason for “concern” the headlines are laughable. “Experts” keep saying “hold out a little longer” whats. A little longer? Until you have a new reason to make people fearful again?

  36. Rules are rules. They’re for everyone regardless of your disability. Should have checked the rules before planning the trip.

  37. Such a slippery slope. TWDC has mandates that it must follow to be open. Everyone, over the age of 2, wearing a mask is one of them. If your child has a special situation, then maybe you need to communicate that to the venue before you get to the gate, and see if a Dr’s note, a negative Covid-19 test, and keeping the child in the wheelchair would be alright for no mask. If your child has special needs, you can ease them into the masks, by talking about it and building up their endurance by putting it on for a few minutes a day leading up to your special day. The world does not owe you anything, because you or your child has disabilities or health issues. There are laws and many large companies make special accommodations for different situations, even before Covid-19. Advocating for your child is not showing up and freaking out when they are not ready for you. Recording it and attempting to shame people is NOT advocating for your child. Discussing the rules of certain activities like theme parks, restaurants, sporting events, airports/airplanes, trains, etc ahead of time and working out a viable plan with the venue ahead of time to allow for your family to participate is advocating for your child. I do not get the mentality of this individual. I have two children, who have autism, and we have been dealing with Autism for 21 years. If you approach companies ahead of time and see what can be worked out , and then plan YOUR STRATEGIES to align with what the company can/will do then you will have a much better time. Riding up to the gate with a large group and an attitude is not going to help your cause. Businesses are not even allowed to talk to you about your specific disabilities, rather they approach it with what does it look like with no accommodations and lets work from there…

  38. I’ve been to the parks and Disney Springs several times since reopening. I wouldn’t have a problem with Disney allowing a mask exception for guests under 18 with disabilities as long as they call ahead.

    Children under 2 are already exempt because they could have breathing problems from the masks. Those kids aren’t immune from catching or passing COVID either, however Disney isn’t banning anyone under 2 from entering their property. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe some children over 2 could have legitimate medical issues with wearing masks.

    Also, Disney is already allowing unmasked dining in enclosed, indoor restaurants. “While stationary” seems to be given a broad interpretation and many children over 2 are keeping their masks under their noses. Enforcement at the entrance is very strict but beyond there it is already not a fully-masked place.

  39. Why should a rapper have their own rules? We have a disabled child, can we make our own rules too? I empathize – but man up, and be smart enough not to put kid in this position… why is this about rapper’s autistic cousin, instead of an autistic child.

  40. Okay. I’m tired of seeing this, many families have been turned away for the same reason & some lost thousands but because he’s famous; Disney’s under fire. Disney didn’t make this rule, the State did, they’re just following the State’s order, so he should sue the State not Disney.

  41. That’s Disney rules, why do you keep going on about the workers, they are doing their jobs . They have to follow the rules just like you. Knowing the mask rule you should have been working with the child about wearing the mask, you also could have gotten in touch with Disney before your trip. You thought it was ok to bully those workers, you looked like an ass screaming at them and they just stood there and let you scream. You owe them an apology, they were just doing their job. You also owe the child an apology for not researching the rules snd disappointing the child.

  42. It’s the privilege for me. Sorry but rules are rules. Disney’s strict stance on masks is well known. This guys just using his autistic cousin for clout bc who has even heard from him until this? Boy bye.

  43. Always check ahead of time. I called Disney and asked about this as well for my son who is 9 an disabled and can not wear a mask. They couldn’t wave it even in the resorts. We just decided not to go this year until they lift the mask mandate. Hopefully later this year or next year. If we can’t all go we won’t go at all. Hopefully this doesn’t last too much longer.

  44. Used to love Disney, since Walt died they have become biggest money grubbers in the business

  45. 1. what is the age of the Cousin, 2. Autistic has become a blanket disability i know this because my kid was diagnosed with it and the diagnoses was wrong, 3. where is any images or videos of the quote un quote refusal of park entry we are all assuming that this is a some bias legit thing instead of a publicity stunt done by a low end rapper with little to no fame. And using this to spread the word of him to the masses as which was done. And your telling me 30+ plus family members all from NY area did not even look up the policy at disney prior to going. They knew They Saw, They Wanted to Create A Issue Simple. So to bottom line it, we never saw this cousin, we don’t know the age of this cousin and i assume they could read when they booked the trip on the policies of a Disney A Privatly Owned Company

  46. It’s your fault no one else. You new the rules when you get there. So please dont blame Disney because your cousin couldn’t were a make . I also have a daughter who’s artistic but i no not to bring here to Disney because of the rules and the pandemic.

  47. These self proclaimed celebrities think they can bully everyone with their sense of entitlement. You should be thinking that disney cares more about the child than you do! You are willing to put the childs life at risk so you can show off and go to a theme park, how stupid are you??
    If disney let you in and something happened to the child I’m sure you would be extremely quick to sue disney.
    Stop with your self entitlement and grow up already!

  48. Time to make the masks optional. This ridiculous feel good policy only feels good for chicken littles 🐔

  49. Companies are obligated to keep their employees and customers safe, and they have the power to deny entry to people who might cause an unsafe condition. Because of the ongoing pandemic, anyone not wearing a mask poses an increased risk to everyone around them. As long as a business denies access to anyone over two who does not wear a mask then they can continue doing so. If they let one person in without a mask then they need to let everyone in with a disability without a mask. It is a slippery slope. Disney is erring on the side of caution. And, disney has been upfront from explicitly saying this when you purchase tickets, when you book park reservations etc. it is a private company, and as long as they apply the rules consistently, then they can operate how they see fit. Places do this all the time, no shoes, no shirt no service. Or requiring strollers to be a certain size, or not allowing glass bottles.

  50. Whelp, you break the rule for one, you have to break the rule for everyone. That’s their policy & I commend them or sticking to it. As a medical professional, WDW & it’s castmembers did the right thing despite who you are. Kuddos & AMEN

  51. I don’t understand why maskless pictures are not allowed if safely socially distanced. I visited Coronado Springs and MK and Epcot during peak time this March, and I saw how some of the illogical rules were weighing down the poor cast members and guests alike. Resorts are very large and only a few areas become crowded (such as the pool and lobby). Requiring masks when you are only with your party and far away from others is not scientifically indicated. In all DW locations (except probably Disney Springs on a Sunday night) it was VERY easy to socially distance from others if you wanted (except in lines, which were not actually spaced 6 feet apart). I saw no logical reason for wearing a mask at the times I was over 10 feet away from other guests. I had no problem replacing my mask when I came near others though. At one point, I was taking a photo (distanced from others, stationary) and a cast member approached within 6 feet to remind us to wear a mask. How does that make sense??? I was not angry at any cast member for fulfilling their job, but I felt sorry for them. The rule sadly appears to be to prevent “bad press” than an actual concern for guests and cast members. I loved the properties I visited, but it looked like Disney was wasting energy on illogical rules instead of focusing on actual safety, which is causing everyone to be overworked. Hopefully they can rethink and only implement the rules which make sense.

    P.s. I’d advise people who haven’t visited the parks during this time to refrain from assuming that all the rules Disney has currently are practical. Some are, some are not. Masks can be helpful in some situations, and pointless in others. It is a more nuanced situation than it looks from a distance.

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