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PHOTOS: Lettering Outlined in New Paint on World Drive Entranceway in Preparation for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

The entrances to Walt Disney World continue to receive a blue and gold makeover in preparation for the 50th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort this fall. The World Drive entrance is in the midst of repainting, and progress is moving quickly.


The lettering for Walt Disney World is in the process of being painted white as part of the entranceway’s refurbishment. The outline of the letters is already white except for the ‘W’.


The new color scheme is much simpler with blue, gold, and grey. The entranceway on Osceola Parkway is complete and you can see what this entranceway will look like here.The Mickey Mouse marquee was completed recently, and now progress moves through the arch and will finish with Minnie Mouse.


The background of the archway is almost completely blue, with only a little of the original yellow color remaining on the left side. The outline of the archway is painted a bright gold which will match the accents on top of the columns, as well as a new sign and flags.


Installation of a small sign that says “The Most Magical Place on Earth” will hang from the gold supports shown underneath the archway and gold flags will be added to the poles on top.


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