PHOTOS: Modified Preshow, Plexiglass Added to Party Bus Vehicles at Fast & Furious Supercharged in Universal Studios Florida

After testing some plexiglass last month, Fast & Furious – Supercharged has added plexiglass to all rows of its ride vehicles. In addition, the attraction is now “pulsing” guests through the preshow.


This means that the doors are always open and the team members inside are just trying to move everyone along in batches rather than lock guests in for a full, regular pre-show experience.


There is new a roped queue set up for the preshow. The line stops and goes, “pulsating” through the section where the characters are presented during the attraction’s introduction.


As the ride vehicle approached, we noticed new plexiglass barriers have been added in between all rows.


The new barriers extend from the top of the seat.


There are also wrapped railings that look like handrails, seemingly added to hold the plexiglass in place.


With the addition of all this plexiglass, every row is now being loaded with guests.


The plexiglass looks pretty thick compared to most others, and doesn’t seem flimsy at all.


Cars without the plexiglass are loaded as they previously were, but there aren’t many of those left to convert.


Honestly, the plexiglass makes this ride even worse than before. Everything glares off of it and there are some seats from where the entire thing just looks like you are in a house of mirrors at the fair.

How do you feel about plexiglass dividers being added to attractions’ ride vehicles? Let us know your thoughts!

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8 months ago

Absolutely terrible decision. The plexiglass completely ruins the effect on Kong, and it’ll be the same with this ride. I hope Universal doesn’t start pulling a Disney and add plexiglass to every ride. It’s somehow safe to load every row on Gringotts, Hagrids, Hulk, and The Mummy, but unsafe on Kong and Fast and Furious.