PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 3/11/21 (Innoventions West Demolition, Harmonious Centerpiece Ring, In-Park Filming, and More)



PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 3/11/21 (Innoventions West Demolition, Harmonious Centerpiece Ring, In-Park Filming, and More)



PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 3/11/21 (Innoventions West Demolition, Harmonious Centerpiece Ring, In-Park Filming, and More)

Welcome to another day at EPCOT with beautiful flowers, great food, a little construction, and did we mention great food? Although, let’s start at the beginning and lately that means the entrance signs we pass on the journey.


The entrance sign over here seems to be at a pause, but having a deadline of October 1st for the 50th anniversary, there is no real rush at the moment. We do like the color scheme and simplicity of the changes and already know the end result as seen in other signs already complete, such as the one on Osceola Parkway.


Innoventions West is becoming more and more of a memory as the final pieces are slowly being taken down for good.


But before that happens, we’re still trying to figure out where this apple man came from. It probably means nothing, just a funny drawing that construction workers believed that would never be seen.


New blue sheathing has been added to Guardians to show the continued progress of the outside of the ride.


While the left side was mostly done, the right side was still being worked on. It looked like construction workers were measuring to add some more wood panels.


Workers were also still working on the centerpiece ring for Harmonious. Though we’re not sure what on exactly, it’s just comforting to see progress being made on this as well.


For those doing the scavenger hunt looking for Spike the Bee, a lot of hunters have been having issues with one of the locations. Well here’s a little hint. But as you can tell, he really does blend in well.


Wood was still in place in the walkways around the France Pavilion with writing. This is very visible for Disney when usually such things are well hidden here.


Over in the back, it looks like one of the barges is having its screens tested, which we hope is a sign of more barges about to be put out into the lagoon. Wishful, optimistic hope at the very least.


Bathrooms in the Morocco Pavilion are still shut off to the public, after being closed for so long we’re hoping for a bathroom fit for a king.


While looking at the construction in the Italy Pavilion, the bridge where we get our view seems to be getting a well-needed paint job.


That was more exciting than the view of the construction of La Gelateria.


Now, although it’s a third party, China has some new flowery headbands that they are selling at the front of the store for a very low price of $12.95. They may not have ears and a bow, but they fit well with the festival. For the DIY-ers, they seem to be easily modified to add some ears and a bow.


Over in the Mexico Pavilion, The Three Caballeros are still missing. It has been hinted that they may return sometime in the spring. Being already mid-March, we hope that means that their return is near.


Film crews that were previously seen at Magic Kingdom yesterday were now spotted at EPCOT filming guests and getting B-roll as they filmed guests walking through the park.


We did say there was food and this is the Spring Onion Soup. Although, we were a little confused that instead of crispy shallots were replaced with caramelized onions… Still delicious though. Especially with the addition of the 81Bay Brewing Co. Watermelon Mint Wheat Ale, which was both refreshing and thirst-quenching.


Just like any good meal, we end this photo report with the good stuff: Dessert. This is the Strawberry Mousse with Chocolate Crisp Pearls from Flavor Full Kitchen. Can’t really say if the worms and dirt make any sense, but it was simple and delicious as well and something we’d recommend. You can read our full review here. Anyways, another day, another dish. Stay tuned for tomorrow as we continue through the festival and update you on EPCOT’s progress.