PHOTOS, VIDEOS: Heavy Rains Flood Tokyo Disney Resort

While peak typhoon season doesn’t come until August or September most years in Tokyo, we got a small preview today according to several visitors to Tokyo Disneyland and the surrounding area. Due to heavy rain around the Tokyo area, some storm drains at the park were overwhelmed, causing small floods along Guest walkways and even in some shops!

Heavy rains around the Tokyo area all day caused some minor flooding around the parks, with storm drains in World Bazaar overflowing with rainwater on to Main Street. This video from Twitter user @pooh_xxs shows the water as it flowed out of the storm drains.

Another photo from user @0o0rei shows Main Street almost completely flooded. Fortunately, Guest Control and Security Cast Members were able to redirect Guests to the surrounding sidewalks. With capacity at 5000 Guests at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea amid the ongoing State of Emergency, Guest flow fortunately isn’t much of a concern outside of opening and closing times.

On one area of sidewalk in World Bazaar, water actually burst from the concrete between the sidewalk and curb! This video from @donaoshinounagi also shows the overwhelmed storm drains at the center of Main Street in World Bazaar as the flood grew.

At Plazma Ray’s Diner, a Cast Member struggled to keep the rainwater from entering the entrance of the restaurant. The rest of the quick-service eatery is located up a small incline, so flooding was of no concern.

The sheer scale of today’s rainfall can be seen in this video from Twitter user @bun_hatigatobu, showing walls of rain pouring down in Tomorrowland.

Even one of the park’s newest additions, Minnie’s Style Studio, faced overwhelmed storm drains as the rain continued to pour down.

Even the resort parking garages were not spared, with Guests at one of the park garages facing a very minor flood on the lowest level.

Perhaps the hardest-hit location today was Bon Voyage, the park souvenir shop located just outside Tokyo Disneyland. Video from user @hitomini_32 shows Cast Members attempting in vain to keep rain from flowing in via the entrance ramp as carpet near the ramp began to flood.

Eventually it appears that the water spread fairly far back in the store, so cardboard boxes were laid on the carpet for the remainder of the day to allow Guests to continue their shopping.

No permanent damage was done today, fortunately. Eventually, the storm drains were able to keep up and the water receded in all areas. With tomorrow’s weather set to be clear and sunny, there’ll likely be no trace of today’s incidents tomorrow.

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Featured image credit to @pooh_xxs on Twitter.

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  1. I hope it wasn’t enough to cause any serious damage. I know you said it didn’t but I would still be concerned by all the carpets that flooded… They’ll need to dry those out really good to avoid mold growth. That rain looks wild!

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