PHOTOS: Plexiglass Installed on Na’vi River Journey Boat at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Even though COVID-19 cases are dropping nationwide, Walt Disney World continues to add health and safety measures to its attractions. Today, we noticed one Na’vi River Journey boat has had plexiglass installed between its rows. If installed on all boats, the attraction’s capacity will increase.


At the attraction’s unloading area, we caught a glimpse of guests exiting the modified boat.


The dividers will allow multiple parties to board the same Na’vi River Journey boat. Plexiglass has also recently been added to the Pirates of the Caribbean queue. These additions will help to deal with the upcoming spring break and Easter crowd.


What do you think of the plexiglass dividers added to Na’vi River Journey? Use the comments to share your thoughts.

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6 months ago

I can’t believe they’re still putting up this garbage. I should’ve bought plexiglass stock last year the way businesses throw it up everywhere. It’ll be years before it comes down if they decide to take it down at all.

Campbell Scot
Campbell Scot
6 months ago
Reply to  AdeeK

I’d be all in if they’d ditch the masks. Go ahead. Stay behind your plexi glass. Have at it. Just let me breathe oxygen without a gross germ sponge strapped across my face.

6 months ago

Definitely a subpar experience if sitting on the back row. I’d personally just rather wait the extra time for the unobstructed view (whole boat) since they aren’t accommodating row requests right now.