PHOTOS: Ramps Begin to Take Shape as Phase 2 of Roadwork Progresses Near the Magic Kingdom

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Phase 2 of the World Drive/Floridian Way construction project is progressing quickly in between Magic Kingdom parking and Bear Island Road. The large scale construction project hopes to improve traffic flow around the heavily congested area between Floridian Way and World Drive.


The second phase of the project includes the realignment of both northbound and southbound World Drive. The plan includes the construction of ramps connecting the exit of Magic Kingdom parking to the Car Care Center on the west side of World Drive.


When driving south on Floridian Way towards the Car Care Center, guests can see the ramps beginning to take shape.


Ramps are also planned to connect Bear Island Road, which can be seen on the far right side of the photo above, to World Drive.


A significant amount of progress has been made on the ramp that stretches towards Bear Island Road. When we last checked in, the lateral support beams were not yet in place. Now, temporary supports can be seen around the ramp while construction hauls on.


These two ramps will eventually connect.


A grade-separated interchange will consist of four bridges that will connect northbound and southbound World Drive over the exit from Magic Kingdom parking on Floridian Way.


The supports will all be part of this grade-separated interchange, helping to relieve traffic congestion and ease the mind of confused drivers down Floridian Way towards World Drive.


Lots of construction equipment still sits across the street from the Speedway gas station.


The construction site has been incredibly active the past few weeks, and we hope this progress continues.


You can read more about the details surrounding Phase 2 of the World Drive roadwork here.

Keep checking here at WDWNT for more updates on Phase 2 of the World Drive roadwork at Walt Disney World.

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  1. So much real estate tied up with basic infrastructure. Seems so wasteful. I know that roads are needed, but it seems like half the acreage in WDW is devoted to roads.

    1. the Volume of traffic coming to Disney World is increasing every year (yes there was a pause when COVID hit, but its back to business now). & if they dont spend the $$ to build new roads and bridges, this traffic start queueing up on I-4 & other highways. At that time wdw will incur the wrath of FDOT /state of FL. Trust me you dont wanna go there. Plus as a Disney fan yourself , you want a smooth riding experience from the I-4 exit to the parking lot, Dont you? you dont wanna get stuck in delays & backups.

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