PHOTOS: The Main Street Cinema Reopens as Temporary Candy & Sweets Shop at Magic Kingdom

With The Confectionery now closed for a few months to be remodeled and expanded into The Chapeau, guests shopping on Main Street U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom can get their candy fix at the Main Street Cinema.


Despite what the sign says, it’s a candy shop now.


Formerly an Art of Disney location, the shop has temporarily become a home for pre-packaged treats (and a few Confectionery standards that will keep well given the circumstances).


Interestingly enough, they won’t be switching the entrance at this time, so you’ll have to come in (and likely queue for a bit outside) through Uptown Jewelers. We suspect this might change with time.


Display cases in the lobby were pushed out, as was the central glass display featuring a statue of Mickey in Steamboat Willie.


Those looking for the more unique treats from the counter at The Confectionery might be saddened to see this temporary set-up.


Candy apples, marshmallow wands, krispy treats, and cotton candy can be found in the center. Cupcakes, fudge, and some other items didn’t make the move.


The store has been reorganized a bit as well. This is necessary as many more guests buy snacks than do expensive art.


The biggest change inside was the removal of the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom portal.


The cinema cash register is joined by two temporary stations to handle the load.


Lots of the usual pre-packaged goods can be found throughout the shop, as well as some housewares.


So, what do you think of the temporary candy store setup in the Main Street Cinema? Will you stop in or skip it given the limited selection?

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