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RUMOR: Possible Plans Revealed for Expanded Disney Village and New Disney Hotel at Disneyland Paris

It’s been over three years since Disney officially announced plans to expand and refurbish Disney Village at Disneyland Paris. Since then, details have been kept relatively quiet as to what that may entail, but thanks to our friends at OutsidEars, we have a look at a possible masterplan for the overhaul of this shopping, dining and entertainment district.

Source: OutsidEars

According to OutsidEars, this will be a top-to-bottom refurbishment, leaving little untouched. The patterned walkways would receive a new design, with more greenery installed. Many elements developed by legendary architect Frank Gehry, including the stainless steel columns, would be removed, while the facades on the Northern end would be rebuilt to give “the impression of a less linear street,” similar to Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. Also similar to Disney Springs, Planet Hollywood would undergo a substantial makeover. The iconic globe could be removed and replaced with a structure with a similar concept, but with more contemporary architecture. Café Mickey and Rainforest Cafe would also be partially rebuilt. OutsidEars also reports that the only building that would avoid being remodeled is Starbucks, as the building already matches the aesthetic that Disney is looking to create.

Source: OutsidEars

Lakeside, even bigger changes could be possible. The McDonald’s location would relocate to a nearby site while the building, known for its giant golden arches, would be demolished. Between The Steakhouse and the lake bridge, a series of new shops and restaurants would be built, creating a new street. This new area, which would require the removal of the Dôme Disney Village tent, would lead directly to Rond-Point Paul Séramy and extend to the current locations of Vapiano and Five Guys.

Source: OutsidEars

Just east of this new street, the Disney Event Arena tent would be replaced by a new hotel. According to OutsidEars, the plans are similar to a hotel that was planned for the resort’s opening in 1992, but was ultimately abandoned due to budget constraints. The backstage areas for this new area of Disney Village would be adjacent to the hotel’s parking lot.

Source: OutsidEars

Not only does this possible masterplan show what would be done, but also reveals that this transformation would be a multi-phase process. The refurbishment of the existing buildings would mark Phase 1, while the new street would mark Phase 2, finished with the construction of the hotel and surrounding areas as Phase 3. OutsidEars also notes that construction would not begin for several years. In that time, Disney will be able to allow companies to test their popularity in Tiny Shops before this massive redesign will take place. All in all, Disney Village is likely in for an exciting reimagining in the coming years.

Keep reading WDWNT as we learn more about this refurbishment.

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