REVIEW: New Easter Vanilla Chick Cake Pop, White Chocolate Bunny Rice Crispy Treat and Vanilla Fudge Egg Hop into Disneyland Resort

March has arrived, which means springtime and Easter are just around the corner. Luckily, the Easter Bunny has left us a few early treats at the Disneyland Resort!


Whether you like cake, marshmallow or a whole lot of fudge, there’s plenty to make the season sweet. Let’s get hopping!


Vanilla Chick Cake Pop — $5.49


These adorable chicks are made with vanilla cake coating in vanilla icing made to resemble a baby chicken.


It may look to cute to eat, but that shouldn’t stop you.


Unfortunately, this cake pop was a bit too sugary for our taste. Usually the cake pops made from the Disneyland Bakery are great, but this one had a bit too much icing.


The cake itself was extremely dense, but only had a subtle vanilla flavor, easily overpowered by the sugary icing. Seriously, the icing tasted more like sugar than anything else.


The texture was great and it was easy to eat. Still, we couldn’t help but feel disappointed by this one.

White Chocolate & Coconut Bunny Rice Crispy Treat — $5.99


Next up is this delightful Mickey-shaped crispy treat, coated in white chocolate in coconut, with the ears decorated to look like bunny paws and topped with a cottontail.


This was definitely our favorite of the three items that we tried.


The rice crispy treat was soft, but also chewy. It wasn’t stale at all, which can be a concern with treats like this.


The white chocolate icing was extremely rich, but the coconut balanced it out somewhat. It hardened to the rice crispy, but was still easy to bite into.


The bunny tail on top was a marshmallow covered in coconut pieces. This was a great addition to the rice crispy treat. Anyone who likes coconut will love this. It blended so well with the white chocolate and rice crispy. This one is a clear winner.

Vanilla Fudge Easter Egg — $9.99


Finally, it wouldn’t be Easter without some eggs, and they’ve cooked up a hefty egg made of vanilla fudge coated in chocolate and a candy flower petal.


It comes in a festively-decorated box, making it perfect to put in someone’s Easter basket.


This treat was a lot. If you’re looking for something to share with a group, this is it. There’s no way anyone could eat this by themselves. (Or at least, we wouldn’t recommend trying to do it.)


The chocolate shell exterior was easy to cut into, but be warned that it melts very fast. It had a great taste and wasn’t overly sweet.


The inside was a vanilla fudge that was insanely rich. Once again, there wasn’t much of a vanilla flavor, just overly sweet. One bite and you’ll be satisfied. The flower topper was made out of sugar and was easy to remove.


Overall, this vanilla fudge chocolate egg is a rich sugary treat, but great for sharing.

We found this trio of goodies at Trolley Treats at Disney California Adventure. The shop has been home to an assortment of unique sweets in recent months, including a Cookies and Cream Pie rice crispy treat and a striped caramel marshmallow wand for Valentine’s Day. But if you’re looking to grab these, be sure to hurry, before Buena Vista Street becomes part of the hard-ticket event, A Touch of Disney.

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