VIDEO: Experience the Fusion of Western and Eastern Music in “East Meets West: Celebration” at Universal Studios Japan

East Meets West is a popular street show at Universal Studios Japan featuring three talented violinists and one Japanese shamisen player, playing daily at the park since 2019. Now in its third refresh, the latest version celebrates 20 years of Universal Studios Japan with popular songs and classical tributes side-by-side, capped off by the theme song to the popular anime Demon Slayer, now the highest-grossing film in Japanese history. Sounds interesting, right? Check out a full video in 4K below courtesy of our YouTube channel below!

East Meets West: Celebration plays daily in the New York area of Universal Studios Japan. You can check out last year’s version, East Meets West II, here on Universal Parks News Today if you want more of this eclectic and incredible cultural fusion!

Featured image and thumbnail courtesy of Universal Studios Japan.