PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 3/26/21 (World Drive Entrance Sign Repainting, Spaceship Earth Construction, Boardwalk Easter Cupcake, and More)

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So let’s start out this report as we have been for the last couple, a fact you may or may not know about Spaceship Earth: Believe it or not, the geodesic sphere weighs 16,000,000 pounds (that’s 72,574,779 kilograms or 11,428,571 stone) — that may be with or without guests, but we’ll assume without!


Well, driving in this morning, we saw that Minnie is all ready for her background and the final pieces for the World Diver sign to be painted. The 50th anniversary isn’t till October 1st, but at this rate, it feels like we’re having a pre-party.


Over by Spaceship Earth, the construction is done, yet again. Although saying that we may have just jinxed things and another section will be courted off to be worked on this week. So just in case, take your pics now before any other temporary bushes sprout up to cover up more work. See what we did there, sprout up


The breezeway at Innoventions East gets scaffolding to start working on the ceiling. For more details, refer to our post here.


Over at Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the wood panels are completely covered, except for a minor little spot in the corner, but that seems like a pretty quick fix. It’s just good to see progress being made on the building.


No Goofy, you aren’t getting credit. We saw the construction workers working hard to get it done. We’ve also seen how well you put things together…


Nothing new with the France Pavilion expansion as far as we can tell, but looking at this decoration over and over again makes us see a hidden mickey. Do you see it or have we just seen this too many times?


Over at Boardwalk Bakery, we got to review their lemon curd cupcake. Yeah, it seems the delicious cupcake doesn’t get a fancy Easter name, but what’s in a name? Also, a big thanks to the pastry chef who kindly cut our cupcake for the great pics in our review. We were worried about destroying all of the beautiful flower decorations and needed something a little better than a thick, clumsy, plastic knife.


Walking back through the World Showcase we stumbled upon this hilarious sign at the Rinse booth, at least she’s honest.


At the end of the day, we made one last stop to check out the Bowmouth Guitarfish — no pups yet, but we found out that this has been going on for about a year now. We personally think the female Kat is just waiting for the boys to mature before settling down. Then again, there is a lot about the species that we don’t know about.


Well, that’s all for today. Hopefully, you enjoyed our journey around EPCOT. Join us again for our next adventure around the world!

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