BREAKING: MouseGear Will Become “Creations Shop”, Opening this Summer at EPCOT

This summer will mark another big step in the overhaul of EPCOT with the opening of the new flagship merchandise location, “Creations Shop”. The MouseGear name will come to an end when the current, temporary location closes in the coming months.

Creations Shop features “a bold, sleek design that creates a perfect showcase for the rich variety of items you’ll find as part of your EPCOT experience”. As previously shown, it will be an open, bright, welcoming environment with huge glass walls that allow sunlight to pour in. Disney is using color, materials and light in new ways with some unique EPCOT touches that connect back to this park’s storied past while looking to the future.


As you can see in this new artist concept rendering above, there’s a large mural of Mickey Mouse along one of the shop’s walls. You’ll discover original homages to him throughout the space, including large, dynamic murals and new artist expressions that showcase the global, contemporary icon that Mickey has become for generations around the world. Disney is excited to feature this art program – completely original works that will live on in this space – as a testament to the park’s ability to inspire the dreamer in all of us. 

The goal is for Creations Shop to be more than a place to pick up a memento of your time at EPCOT – where every moment is an experience worthy of the park’s vision and tradition.


Adjacent to the shop will be a revitalized Club Cool Hosted by Coca-Cola, which will also open this summer. This will celebrate Coca-Cola in a fresh new way, while keeping the fan-favorite experience that invites you to explore tasty drinks from around the world. This space will also have some new magic to bring the global experience of Coca-Cola to life for you.

Opening Creations Shop and Club Cool will be an important milestone in the ongoing transformation of the park. These fun and energetic locations will continue the reimagining of what will soon be a new neighborhood at the entrance and center of the park, called World Celebration.

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  1. Dumb name is dumb.
    Obviously good news that it will be open this year, but dumb name is dumb.

  2. I can’t wait to see the new Creations shop and Club Cool. I’m so happy that Club Cool is coming Back. And I can’t wait to see it next year!

  3. Goodness, they couldn’t have designed this store to be more bland and boring if they tried. Even the name is boring. The nice big windows should be pleasant, at least.

  4. “…it will be an open, bright, welcoming environment with huge glass walls that allow sunlight to pour in.”

    Code for the cookie cutter, sterile and bland retail locations Disney has been putting out over the past few years, lacking any real theming or character. Can’t wait.

  5. Continuing the trend of removing charm, theme, warmness, etc. mouse gears is officially dead, replaced with a bland generic retail shop. I have to ask , Is
    Imagineering still even a “thing” at Disney anymore?

  6. This is disappointing news. I absolutely loved Mouse Gear. I loved the interior design with all of the artwork and the hidden Mickeys everywhere. You could find just about everything you could want in one place. I love the Emporium and the old World of Disney, but Mouse Gear had a special place in my heart. Hopefully this new store will measure up.

  7. Why change the name?! I really am puzzled by so many of Disney’s decisions lately. And changing the stores to look like anything you can see in a mall or shopping center at home. I still miss the incredibly themed World of Disney at Disney Springs before they killed it. Alas the same fate for MouseGear…..

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