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CONFIRMED: Club Cool Hosted by Coca-Cola Will Return Adjacent to New “Creations Shop” in EPCOT

Adjacent to the new “Creations Shop” announced this morning, a revitalized Club Cool Hosted by Coca-Cola will also open summer 2021.

Disney says the new space will celebrate Coca-Cola in a fresh new way, while keeping the fan-favorite experience that invites you to explore tasty drinks from around the world. This space will also have some new magic to bring the global experience of Coca-Cola to life.

The original Club Cool closed in September 2019 and the entirety of the building it was in was demolished.

At the time, Disney said there would be a new location, but wouldn’t say where. We here at shared that the location would be inside the remodeled MouseGear (now “Creations Shop”), which has now been confirmed.

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Frank W
Frank W
27 days ago

That will be nice but I for one will not visit. Not if visiting means that I am expected to feel guilty about being who I am or to be seen supporting a Company getting involved in politics which they have no business being involved.

Mike Woods
Mike Woods
25 days ago
Reply to  Frank W

Good. That’s one less person I need to wait behind in line.

Sgt Hulka
Sgt Hulka
24 days ago
Reply to  Frank W

Lighten up, Frances. It’s free Coke, for crying out loud.

26 days ago

I am a HUGE fan of this coming back. Tasting different beverages from all over means “drinking around the world” in one location, without getting drunk.