BREAKING: Universal’s Islands of Adventure Reaches Capacity

Universal’s Islands of Adventure has reached capacity shortly after 11:00 AM today. As of the writing of this article, Universal Studios Florida continues to be open to new guests.


Though Universal Studios Florida is currently open, it will likely reach capacity soon as well, as seems to be the trend on weekends. Guests can call the Universal Orlando Resort’s capacity hotline at 1-407-817-8317 for real-time updates.

Keep reading Universal Parks News Today for capacity updates.

  1. I was at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure yesterday and it was PACKED. I arrived at 9:30am and the Volcano Bay was already sold out which they should have also done with the remaining theme parks. I’m not sure what full capacity means in terms of percentage or numbers, but it was clearly overcrowded. Especially considering we’re still in a covid pandemic. Almost all the rides had an hour long wait and that was with an Express ticket, I can’t imagine the wait time without it. Just walking around trying to get from ride to ride was a challenge with a chaotic flow of packed people coming at you and cutting you off from all directions. Getting food was no joy ride either (pun intended), as the lines for most sitdown places to eat had ridiculously absurd lines.

    I know it will ever happen, because profit will always matter more, but Universal needs to bring that capacity limit number down about 25% for the health safety, overall comfort of it’s customers and wait time for rides. The prices are already beyond absurd for tickets and everything in the park costs at least double what you’d pay for outside the park. The least expensive Express Ticket is over $200 per person, on top of an already excessive park entry price and for all of this money, you are still walking around like packed sardines and waiting over an hour to get on a ride? By the way, the refillable soda cup? Not worth the money when by 12 noon, every single machine in both parks not only had a long line, but had no ice.

    It’s just not worth the expense anymore. At the end of the day, once the novelty wears off, you leave there feeling like you were robbed.

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