Walt Disney World Guest Arrested After Sneaking Through Temperature Check

Katie Francis

EPCOT temperature screening relocation October 2020

Walt Disney World Guest Arrested After Sneaking Through Temperature Check

Katie Francis

EPCOT temperature screening relocation October 2020

Walt Disney World Guest Arrested After Sneaking Through Temperature Check

While most guests have been happy to follow Disney’s COVID-19 safety protocol, some have been more confrontational. One guest protested his arrest after he skipped the mandatory temperature screening and refused to comply with security.

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Kelly Sills, 47, was visiting Walt Disney World from Louisiana on February 13th when he refused to comply with temperature screening at Disney Springs. He evaded the temperature check station and was confronted outside The Boathouse.


After being asked to cooperate with temperature screening or leave the property, Sills refused and was subsequently arrested. He claimed that after spending $15,000 on his vacation, he was entitled to stay on property.

“I paid $15,000. You can’t trespass me for paying $15,000,” said Sills.

Sills was also trespassed from all Disney property as a result of the incident.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

19 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Guest Arrested After Sneaking Through Temperature Check”

  1. But but but…..its all a Hoax & there’s no pandemic he said, still he was first in line for the vaccine.

  2. He paid what he paid knowing full well the procedures he would have to comply with. If he didn’t want to comply then he shouldn’t have booked a vacation. I have zero sympathy for him and I really hope he doesn’t get a refund for his own stupidity and bad behavior. Spending money someplace doesn’t entitle you to behave poorly or act like you own the place.

  3. Just let them scan your tempetature. It takes 2 seconds and they dont actually touch you. Besides, its all a dog and pony show. Not everyone who has covid gets a fever. But , no, prove ypur $15,000 point amd get your 15 minutes of fame. A much better choice.

    • Bingo- fever isn’t even symptom – a joke but hey keeps those with strep or the reg flu out! As they should stay home.

    • I can’t believe that a year later I’m still having to explain this to people. It is not a dog and pony show. It is a screening method. Not everyone who contracts the virus has the same symptoms, but a majority do, which means screening for that particular symptom is a step toward sifting out potentially infected people. It also removes people who could have other infections or illnesses that not only further reduce their immune system making them more susceptible to COVID, but could infect others and compromise their health in a pandemic state as well.

      Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. If someone told you that they had put potentially fatal poison into some of them and the majority of the ones with the poison were red, but not all of the ones that were red were poisoned, and a few of the poisoned ones weren’t red, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable taking all the red ones out before popping a handful in your mouth? Of course, you would. There’s your temperature check.

  4. Based on a quick Google of this guy, he sounds like a real winner. Shady businessman at best, a scam artist and thief. Good riddance, I hope the ban is permanent.

    • This monster needs more than to be banned from WDW. Based on these reports of fraud, he needs to be imprisoned for life. He’s a horrible person who’s caused at least one employee to accrue half a million dollars in medical bills. He has no business living in society.

  5. It’s difficult to describe this guy’s actions and what he did after having paid for the opportunity to be at WDW. Stupid comes to mind.

  6. Anyone who uses the phrase “You can’t trespass me” has probably had lots of experience getting booted from other places.

  7. I cant believe this dude. Covid is real. I usually go fown every 2 yrs from the Jersey Shore
    We have s timeshare 5 min from the park. Disney is changing for the worst . First they take the HANDICAP LINES AWAY . Now all new construction an taking all the memorable rides away. Even when ur in a electric scooter u shouldn’t have to wait 2 hrs for Buzz Light ride an Fantasmic with a dinner reservation. Disney needs to get there crap together. Now there main priority is about the all mighty dollar. Its a shame ive been going there for 25 yrs. Im done. I had major heart surgery , R.A an cancer but hndicaps dont mean anything wwto them. People were bribing handicap people an said they were

    • I am from Louisiana and I fully cooperate with the requirements any business sets forth with respect to COVID, so I ask that you not be so biased toward all residents of my home state. You sound like one of those people who blame all members of a specific race, gender or religion when one member acts stupid.

  8. There’s also an article out there claiming he owns a business and let his employees’ health insurance lapse without telling them too. If same guy, what a piece of work.

  9. So…the actual headline should be, “Man arrested for trespassing after refusing to leave Disney property.”

    • Gotta pay the mortgage. Sensational headlining has been around since, whenever news was a profitable business.

  10. Stupid prizes for stupid people. Refusal to comply with private businesses rules will get you trespassed always. You will then be arrested if you don’t leave. Pretty simplistic.

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