PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 3/31/21 (World Drive Entrance Painting Finishes Up, Delicious Foodie Keychains, Construction Check-Ins, and More)

Hey everyone! Welcome back with another fun fact about our favorite giant, spherical attraction: Believe it or not, it took workers 26 months to build Spaceship Earth — which explains why it may take that time to remodel it. Just some food for thought the next time you head to EPCOT!


As usual, our trip begins on World Drive and the entrance sign is almost complete! You can’t see it from this angle, but just a small patch is left on the back left pillar next to Minnie.


No work can be seen going on at Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. With that being said, although we can’t see the work, you can definitely hear it. From the sound of it, work is going on to the grounds nearby and internally, which just gets us more excited for the attraction’s completion.


More scaffolding has been put up in the breezeway in the imprint Innoventions left, which means ceiling work is on its way. Can you believe it’s been over a year that anyone has stepped foot in that area?


Sad to say, The Three Caballeros have yet to return. Word has it that they were returning sometime in the spring. Well, there’s still time left to see that hopefully come true.


Some new Disney Parks food keychains were debuted at Mouse Gear today. Whether you want a kitchen sink or some miniature popcorn buckets, the snack choice is yours for $9.99.


There’s nothing new to report in the France Pavilion. We can’t wait to run around with our little chef on October 1st!

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We saw construction workers on the roof of the Moroccan Pavilion restroom. Hopefully, that means the walls will be coming down soon and we won’t have to run to France or Japan if a restroom break is needed.


It’s hard to tell with the walls so high, but we’ll save this picture for reference in case any future changes happen to La Gelateria.


Work however is plain to see on this bridge. These seem like just some quick touch-ups to beautify the pavilion.


Off of the construction talk, have you ever see this mosaic of Rapunzel from Tangled before? We think it’s beautiful!


For our final stop, we look to see if there is any progress of the Bowmouth Guitarfish. To be honest there’s been none yet, but if there is, we hope the success of the Species Survival Program will lead to the second season of Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


The area in front of Spaceship Earth is still being worked on (we warned you to take your pictures before any more construction started!). The good news is, it won’t be there forever.


Well, that’s all for today! Enjoy the beautiful view we had while leaving the park. We’re really liking the new EPCOT entrance transformation. Have a great day!