PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom & Disney Springs 4/9/21 (New Turret Decorations, New Pink Polka Dot Ears, “Play In The Park” Dress Shop Dress, and More)

Hello from a beautiful but hot day here at Walt Disney World! We started out our day at the Magic Kingdom to check in on the construction projects there, especially the continuing progress on decorating Cinderella Castle for the 50th Anniversary. Let’s get started!


The stonework drain has been completely removed from Fantasyland, and the pavement work is nearing completion. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


The painting of the roof of Pinocchio Village Haus has come along nicely, with this multi-colored shingle roof area now complete.


In Tomorrowland, the repainting of Cool Ship continues, with the lip of the roof painted blue. We recently noted that this area had been primed white, and the lettering in this area had been painted over. With this fresh coat of blue, the lettering is now almost completely indistinguishable.


Our most exciting construction update of the day was finding two new turret top decorations, one on each side of Cinderella Castle. Both were visible from the front of the Castle. It’s exciting to start to be able to see what it will look like when it’s all put together!


Another new preparation for the 50th Anniversary appeared today nearby at the Transportation and Ticket Center. This poster kiosk got a new color scheme to match the new blue, pink, and gold color trend. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


We found some fun new merchandise while in the park today, starting with a new slider Limited Edition pin featuring Dumbo celebrating Spring. This pin has an edition size of 3000 and is available at Frontier Trading Post for $19.99.


Next, we headed to the Emporium, where we found a few new plush. First up were these graduation Mickey and Minnie, complete with caps and gowns. You can read more on these celebratory plush here!


Then we found this adorable 101 Dalmatians Big Feet plush. Just look at that little tongue! This dashing fellow retails for $26.99.


Our favorite merchandise find of the day was this pair of bright pink polka dot ears. We love the sequins, they really glisten in the sunlight! You can read more on the newest ear headband here.


We had a wonderful time at the Magic Kingdom, but our day wasn’t over yet! Next, we headed to Disney Springs to check out what might be new there.


When we got there, we noticed a new construction box just outside of the Coca Cola Store. It was relatively small, but we noticed that it was bolted to the concrete.


While getting a bite to eat at Earl of Sandwich, we noticed a change to their drink station arrangement. Since reopening, they had been operating as other similar locations have been on Disney property, with a Cast Member filling your drink for you. That arrangement has been altered now: a Cast Member still hands you a cup and will provide you with a drink if it comes from a carafe, but guests can fill their own sodas from the touch-free soda machine.


After lunch, we headed to World of Disney, where we found this youth dress featuring characters from Inside Out for $26.99.


We also found this adult cropped shirt featuring Rainbow Unicorn from Inside Out for $36.99.


We found a display of the full collection of “Never Tell Me The Odds” by Her Universe while we were at World of Disney, and it included three pieces of unisex clothing we hadn’t seen yet.


They had this raglan shirt for $39.99.


They also had this short sleeve shirt for $36.99.


And finally, they had a pair of lounge shorts for $34.99.


Next, we headed to the Marketplace Co-Op, where we found a Dress Shop dress for the new “Play In The Park” line in fun retro colors. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.

We had a wonderful day at Walt Disney World, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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