PHOTOS: Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa Modifies Park Access, No Direct Entry Into Disney California Adventure

When Disneyland Resort reopens to Californians tomorrow, guests staying at the resort’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa will see modified access to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Health and safety checkpoints are already in place.


The existing permanent signs guide guests to the conference center, theme parks, and Downtown Disney District.


New, free-standing signs guide guests to the entrance for theme parks and temperature screening.


Guests must wear face coverings, maintain physical distancing, and pass a temperature screening.


Guest Relations Cast Members greet guests as they approach the temperature screening.

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Hoag Medical Group staff mans the temperature screening station. A sign shows proper face covering use. Disney also reminds guests to refrain from offensive language and to follow park rules.


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, guests staying at the Grand Californian could take advantage of the hotel’s dedicated entrance to Disney California Adventure. This gate was a real perk. Now, hotel guests cannot enter Disney California Adventure here. However, they may return to the hotel through what is now solely a park exit.


Instead, guests will need to enter the parks via Downtown Disney District, joining other guests in lining up for park entry — including Disney California Adventure.


Hand sanitizer stations and additional signage have been added. A directional sign points guests to Disneyland. Guests looking to enter Disney California Adventure will need to walk a bit further to do so for the foreseeable future.

What are your thoughts on the new theme park entrance procedures at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa? Add your comments below.

  1. That literally makes no sense that you can get back into Your hotel this way through DVA but you can’t enter DCA this way? Why? There’s nothing scientific that can explain how it’s dangerous to enter DCA through the hotel where you’re staying? It appears that Disney’s mew mantra is pay a lot more for a lot less. I would never pay $$$$ and not be able to use this park. What’s their reasoning for this? Let’s use common sense for just one moment please.. you’re being Temp checked, you have the muzzle on even out doors where even Fauci stated transmission is close to zero and yet you still can’t enter DCA through the hotel? These “safety” precautions are nothing but show at this point. Why don’t Disney let all the fear propaganda go? Because it saves them tons of money for you to pay more for nothing. But they can only get away with this billshit for so long until even the sheep start to notice

  2. Honestly the closure of the dedicated hotel guest entrance into California adventure park an absolute outage. Their isn’t a safety issue with the seperate entrance, in fact the dedicated hotel guest entrance allows for more social distancing. Disney should honor the dedicated entrance as its one of the main reasons guests love to stay here. I am very disappointed in how disney has treated it’s guests and loyal fans recently . I unfortunately have a reservation in a few days that I can no longer cancel. I wish we had been informed of this information prior to finalizing our reservation! I have been a Disney lover all my life and an annual pass holder for many many years
    visiting the parks monthly and almost always staying on property! I do feel Disney’s lack of dedication to their loyal fans especially with the take away of the dedicated entrance will have me think twice about continuing to spend thousands upon thousands annually here regardless of the nostalgia! Other theme parks have been especially thoughtful of their loyal customers/fans throughout the pandemic however it is with a heavy heart that I can not say the same about the Disneyland resort!

  3. This is unbelievable. They are charging PREMIUM prices for the access. Who cares how you return to your hotel, it’s getting into the park that is the perk.

  4. With the amount they charge to stay at this hotel, I expect the private entrance to DCA. That’s a huge reason why we would stay there. Taking away the “premium” features will push me to the other two hotels.

  5. Disney is charging a highly inflated price to stay there. They have taken away the magic hour, the spa is not going to be open and now they have closed the park entry. So what perk are we paying for?

    Other hotels in the area include breakfast and do not charge a daily fee to park your car at the hotel for one third (or less) the price. They also suspended senior and AAA discounts.

  6. I was going to book here again next month because of this entrance. Now I will save the money….

  7. lol… 800+ night to stay there and no perk of the entrance to california adventure???

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