PHOTOS: 5th & Final “Harmonious” Barge Arrives at World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT

Shannen Ace


PHOTOS: 5th & Final “Harmonious” Barge Arrives at World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT

Shannen Ace


PHOTOS: 5th & Final “Harmonious” Barge Arrives at World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT

The fifth and final “Harmonious” barge has arrived on World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT. This means there are now four taco-shaped barges around the centerpiece ring.


The flatter end of each barge points towards the centerpiece, creating a “compass.”


Each barge has screens for the nighttime show, but will eventually operate as fountains during the day.


Construction barges still remain throughout the lagoon.


The barges are hard to miss when walking around World Showcase.


The presence of the barges in the lagoon has been controversial but, as far as Disney is concerned, they are here to stay.


A few signs advertise “Harmonious” and the upcoming fountain.


How do you feel about the “Harmonious” barges in World Showcase Lagoon? Let us know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “PHOTOS: 5th & Final “Harmonious” Barge Arrives at World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT”

  1. I’m fine with them as long as they don’t sit there until October to be used. It’s really concerning that they seem to be pushing everything to October 1st with no consideration of guests coming before then.

  2. They’re ugly. Seems like a very poor decision. I rather doubt(hope) that they last more than a decade; hopefully gone by EPCOT’s 50th in 2032 at the worst.

  3. I don’t think there’s much to be said about these barges that hasn’t already been said before as each has been installed. They really dominate the lagoon, visually. But, at the very least…they do look slightly better now that they’re all in place compared to just having a few of them scattered about. That’s all I’ve got.

  4. The barges look more like a technician’s wild dream rather than a considered product of the creative teams at Imagineering! Granted the technology will probably achieve an impressive night time show but the barges are an eyesore during the day damaging what was a beautiful series of vistas created when World Showcase was conceived. I find it hard to see how any number of fountains will disguise the barges and the use of fountains will lose their night time show impact and that special Disney magic if they are playing all day.

    How much better World of Color achieves a spectacular show by night and invisibility during the day at Disneyland.

  5. Not too sure how to feel about it…I think I would’ve loved for them to be able to store them away during the day and bring them out towards the evening for the show. Other than that, I just REALLY hope Disney officially releases the soundtrack for this show for purchase.

  6. Once they start displaying their fountains, I think a lot of the poor optics of the barges themselves will be hidden.

    I just saw the Shanghai Illuminate video. That’s a high bar the US Disney parks are going to have to rise to. I’m hoping Harmonious, with all its new tech, will be just as awesome. Then, during the day, we get to see some cool (and cooling) fountains.

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