PHOTOS: Overpass Construction Continues Near Magic Kingdom

Road-trippers rejoice! The roads around the Magic Kingdom will soon be easier to navigate. We reported that permits were filed in September 2020, showing World Drive, Floridian Way, and the surrounding area are undergoing some major changes.

Floridian Way Rebuild

The area around the Magic Kingdom exit is notorious for difficult navigation. This phase of the project involves the construction of four overpasses above the exit road.


Supports for two of the ramps are under construction. Some of the barrier walls are also under construction on the left.


This wall will separate the area under the overpass from the road.


The walls are built from these slabs. Stacks of wall segments are staged nearby at an active worksite. An excavator is clearing soil around the wall.


In our last update, we showed you the dramatic progress on the ramps near Bear Island Road.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2

Last time we saw the foremost ramp, it was simply a rebar frame.


Now the plywood and supports have been removed from the left ramp and put up around the right ramp.


Crews were actively installing the temporary support, which will remain until the concrete has set.


The concrete on the left ramp has been set and awaits the next stage of construction.

Stay tuned with WDWNT as we bring you updates on Phase II of the roadwork around the Magic Kingdom.