PHOTOS, VIDEO: Ride the NEW Snow White’s Enchanted Wish Attraction at Disneyland

Shannen Ace

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Ride the NEW Snow White’s Enchanted Wish Attraction at Disneyland

Shannen Ace

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Ride the NEW Snow White’s Enchanted Wish Attraction at Disneyland

Snow White’s Enchanted Wish opened to guests for the first time today during Disneyland’s soft opening. The attraction is a reimagined version of Snow White’s Scary Adventures, with new technology and updated scenes.

Snow White's Enchanted Wish sign
Source: Disney

Of course signs have been updated with the attraction’s new name.


In the queue are storybooks detailing the beginning of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


One change we noticed immediately was that the owl on the wall ahead when first boarding has been updated. The wood board it is holding reads “Heigh Ho”, and the owl looks more pleasant overall. He used to forebode the upcoming “scary adventures” with a sign saying “beware”.


The entire queue used to be scarier, but has been updated to better reflect the new ride.


It now takes guests through Snow’s cozy room in the Evil Queen’s castle.


This used to be the Evil Queen’s chamber, with a skull, chains, and her spell book.


As it did before, the ride picks up Snow White’s story where the queue leaves off, beginning in the dwarfs’ cottage.


Watch our ride through of the updated attraction and then read more about the changes below.

Snow White's Enchanted Wish dancing scene
Source: Disney

In the first scene, Snow White is now dancing with the dwarfs instead of climbing the stairs with a candle. The rest of the scene remains the same, although the paint has been refreshed. This is also where you’ll smell cinnamon, meant to represent a freshly baked apple pie.

As the ride moves on, a shadowed projection and then a screen show the dwarfs heading off to work in the mine.

Snow White's Enchanted Wish mine
Source: Disney

The mine itself is now brighter with more colorful gemstones shining all around the walls.

Snow White's Enchanted Wish dopey
Source: Disney

Here we also see new figures of Dopey and Doc.

Guests then enter the Evil Queen’s lair. The initial set pieces look approximately the same but as we go on, but the skeletons have been removed. New projection and lighting effects have been added throughout. Most notably, a new effect has been added to the reveal of the poison apple.


In an “archway”, a screen depicting the magic mirror shows Snow White take a bite of the apple. The mirror then appears to shatter. This is where the Old Hag used to emerge on a boat.


In this scene, the Evil Queen turns into the Old Hag.


Around the corner, the dwarfs are climbing a cliff to stop the Old Hag, who is depicted on a screen up high.


The room then sparkles as Prince Charming awakens Snow White with true love’s kiss. This is where the biggest changes come to the ride, as scenes with the Old Hag were previously drawn out for much longer. As such, the looming trees and alligators have been removed.


Guests see an image of a storybook before entering the ride’s final room where Snow White stands on a cliffside with the Prince and her animal friends.

Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, an original Disneyland attraction, has undergone a magical reimagination for the ultimate storybook ending of “happily ever after.” State-of-the-art audio and visual technology allows guests to discover new surprises as well as enhanced story elements throughout. (Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort)

This is where the dwarfs were previously climbing the cliff to stop the Old Hag. The ride then takes us through a final doorway to see the giant storybook reading “Happily Ever After” with a brand-new glitter effect.


It’s safe to say the new version of the ride puts more emphasis on Snow White’s happy ending than on her “scary adventures.”

If you want to compare it to the previous version of the ride, which was updated in 1983 from the original ride, watch our 2019 video below. If you watch these videos side-by-side (or just compare timestamps), you’ll notice that the ride is now slightly slower than it used to be.

How do you feel about Snow White’s Enchanted Wish? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. They made such a huge improvement on the ride! Everything looks great, so glad they refreshed and fixed and enhanced instead of replacing altogether! So excited to ride some day in the future!

  2. So what … the wicked queen climbed the mountain, realized the error of her ways and went home? Wow. Couldn’t tell they abruptly cut something out

  3. Snow White Enchanted Adventure at Disneyland. The final scene where Prince kisses Snow White while she is asleep is being attacked by SF Gate reporters. Yet they do not mention Sleeping Beauty which has same thing. They are classic stories that kids grew up listening to. There is nothing wrong with true loves kiss. You want to be mad blame the evil queen who poisoned the apple or Maleficent who put that spell on the needle. Stop going after these classics. Disney needs to leave these attractions as is not listen to cancel culture.

  4. Me growing up at Disneyland and I remember being a bit scared to go on this ride alone when I was a kid. The new changes are great and a lot less scary for a child. Good job again Disney.🥰 Two thumbs up from me.

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