Reservations for Both Disneyland Resort Theme Parks Nearly Fully Available Through June Despite “Pent-up Demand”

It was previously predicted that Disneyland Resort will reach historical attendance levels due to “pent-up demand”, but not much evidence of this can be seen as the majority of the theme parks’ reservations remain available through June 2021.


With Disneyland Resort reopening April 30th, park reservations for Disney California Adventure Park are still available although reservations for Disneyland Park are not. The day is completely unavailable for Park Hopper Ticket Guests as they cannot enter Disneyland Park.


However, the majority of May and June shows both theme parks available for reservations, with just a handful of days being marked as “Disney California Adventure Park Available as Starting Park”.


As we enter the summer months, a few sporadic days show “No Reservations Available”. Disneyland Resort park reservations are only currently available through June. The only weekend completely booked is the weekend of June 5th and 6th as those days follow the opening of MARVEL Avengers Campus on June 4th.

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  1. Canceling the CA passholder program is probably the cause. I’m betting they expected previous passholders to happily buy up single day tickets to go, and that is not happening.

    1. Makes sense. If Disneyland is limited to only state residents for now, and most state resident guests would be passholders if they are into Disneyland, and if they don’t have passholder program right now, it would make sense for the attendance to be a bit low. If I’m used to paying a set price to go to Disneyland any time during the year, I am sure as heck not paying the incredibly expensive per day ticket price for the same thing that I’ve gotten “free” in the past. That’s what tourists are made for, paying rack rate. But now tourists are banned. The solution is simple then: start selling CA annual passes again.

  2. How can Disneyland reach historical attendance level right now when outsiders are not allowed in, and capacity is limited at 25%? It’s suppose to reach records in a couple of years, or something.

    1. It’s not saying the record crowds are going to be now, but if you can’d do 25% with the local audience when they’re your primary audience, that is very bad.

      1. I see what you mean. Disney is expecting everybody to fork over rack rate ticket prices when they are used to paying discount local annual passes, and people aren’t as excited about doing that as Disney expected. So the “pent-up demand” isn’t able to overcome the rack rate. On the other hand, for those who are willing to fork over the money, imagine how empty Disneyland will be. Might be a once in a life time opportunity. They can just lift the outsiders ban and fill the 25% limit while still charging daily ticket prices.

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