REVIEW: Delicious Sadaharu Aoki Paris X Tokyo Disneyland Collaboration Treats Bring Smiles and Joy

Tokyo Disneyland is currently collaborating with the esteemed Sadaharu Aoki Paris bakery to make special treats for the park, one of which is even themed to Beauty and the Beast! And since we were already pleased with the delicious Matcha & Chocolate Special Soft Serve, we figured a hop right next door to Sweetheart Café was in order for two of the delectable pastries on offer!


Both the cookie and croissant come in this lovely pastry wrap featuring the ornate double B art seen last year in some of the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast grand open merch, along with the Tokyo Disneyland X Sadaharu Aoki Paris logo. Underneath, floral designs can be seen on the bottom layer.

Caramel-Ganache Cookie Sandwich – ¥600 ($5.52)


The cookie features an imprint of the iconic Enchanted Rose from the film on the top and bottom.


Between the two cookies is a layer of ganache surrounding a lot of caramel. Say what you will about paying for a ¥600 cookie that barely fits in my hand, you sure get your money’s worth in the filling.


Everything about this experience was incredible, from the wrapping showed off earlier to the actual eating of the cookie. The rich, thick dark chocolate ganache on the outside combines with the soft chocolate cookies on top and the gooey caramel on the inside to create a sweet treat for your day at Tokyo Disneyland. True to their intent, this certainly is a step up from your typical theme park bakery fare. Although the price may make some balk, the Caramel Ganache Cookie Sandwich is certainly worth your yen if you’ve got the heart to stand in the line. And bring a napkin, just in case the caramel oozes onto your clothes.

Matcha Cream & Chocolate Croissant – ¥600 ($5.52)


Just like the cookie sandwich, the Matcha Cream & Chocolate Croissant is sold at Sweetheart Café and comes in that lovely Beauty and the Beast wrapper. The outside of the flaky croissant is ribboned with chocolate.


As you’d expect with any croissant, this was a messy one! Almost immediately after we took the first bite, birds were swarming to get at the small crumbs that inevitably fell to the ground.


And the inside is actually quite a bit more generous than initially believed. While the concept photo only showed a small amount of cream, it turns out that a good chunk of this is absolutely filled to the brim with the matcha cream. Not that we’re complaining, of course. Our love of matcha is no secret! But the delicious chocolate ribboning and interior combines with the semi-sweet matcha cream to make a delicious East-West fusion akin to the soft serve that will leave you happy and satisfied!

All in all, both treats represent an elevation of Tokyo Disney Resort’s bakery items to a higher level than before, and we simply can’t recommend them enough. Both of these delicious pastries are available on an open-ended run at Sweetheart Café in Tokyo Disneyland’s World Bazaar for ¥600 ($5.52), although we found lines anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes to pick these up throughout the day, so plan your visit accordingly. Are you excited to try these new collaboration items? Let us know in the comments below!

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