UPDATE: Universal Studios Hollywood Issues Statement on Out-of-State Visitors

We’ve been keeping you up-to-date today with news coming out of California regarding access to theme parks for out-of-state visitors. Now, Universal Studios Hollywood has released a statement.


A spokesperson for Universal Studios Hollywood had this to say:

“While visitation to our theme park is currently available to California residents only, we are assessing next steps to implement changes to previously released guidance and will share updated information when it becomes available.”

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The California Department of Public Health announced today that “fully vaccinated people from out of state are now permitted to participate in activities restricted to in-state visitors.” They went on to confirm that announcement included theme parks.

As of now, both Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood’s policies regarding out-of-state visitors remain unchanged.

Are you an out-of-state resident hoping to visit California theme parks soon? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  1. I’m vaccinated and live in Vegas and would love to go to theme park. Why do I have to be fully vaccinated. Yet. A Cali resident doesn’t have to do so. Makes no sense. Wouldn’t it be better all around and protect more if everyone is vaccinated to help stop the spread ?????

    1. Because California is our state and we can make the rules for California them parks just like Nevada can make rules for Casinos. California just opened vaccines for everyone. Theme parks were not even supposed to be open in this tier group it took a special vote and with limited capacity and Californians locked up longer than any other state we should have it first

      1. Check your entitlement KG. Just because you are vaccinated does not mean you do not carry or transmit the virus. Vaccinated people can still spread the virus and get sick. I would rather spend my time and money at theme park where I do not have to be vaccinated to show up. Plenty of parks are out there with just as good if not better rides and attractions than what is housed in Cali.

      2. Special votes and stuff that should happen. Ahhh, welcome to California…we’re not making money so we held a special vote to break our own rules. That’s special

  2. I’m fully vaccinated I was happy to do so! What ever helps us get back to real life!

  3. I think it’s completely bull Florida theme parks have been letting us in California is full of issues Disney needs to stand up for there guests.

  4. YAY I’m waiting for my second dose but I’m hoping to return to the theme parks! Sucked being the only one who moved out of state just as covid hit and all my cali friends begging me to come with them to the parks. I can’t! Not yet but soon!!

  5. We are planning a trip to Anaheim next month. We are both fully vaccinated and would love to visit both Disneyland and Universal Studios.
    Any idea when we will be able to do this?

  6. What if parents are fully vaccinated but kids can’t get vaccinated. Are out of state kids not allowed?

    1. This is my question, too. I will be fully vaccinated soon, but I wanted to bring my nephews to the park. They are 16 and 19.

    2. Same question. We are from Cleveland, OH and my daughters and I will be in Los Angeles this June (5 – 13). I am fully vaccinated, and my 16-year-old will be fully vaccinated by that time….our 13 year old (the one who REALLY wants to experience Harry Potter World) cannot get vaccinated at this point. :( Are we out of luck?

  7. Not sure how this makes much sense. Are California residents not visiting any other states? If they visit another state how is that different from someone coming in from another state. These rules will change soon, right now the demand is high and California residents can sustain the revenue required. Once revenue drops everyone will be able to enter the parks.

  8. I think a concern that needs to be further explained is the age requirement for out of state visitors to be fully vaccinated. I saw that Seaworld in San Diego now allows for fully vaccinated out of state visitors to be allowed (which my husband and I are) but when I asked if there was an age requirement, they stated per California COVID-19 restrictions, all out of state visitors over the age of 3 will be required to show proof of a completed COVID-19 vaccine before entering the park. I don’t understand how this is possible when the vaccine hasn’t been approved for anyone in the US, including California, under the age of 16? I’m all for vaccinations and keeping people safe but I think this part of reopening needs to be clarified.

  9. Will be visiting Los Angeles for our son’s 40th birthday and would love to visit some of the theme parks. We are fully vaccinated. Will be visiting on June 1st thru 7th.
    Hoping they allow out-of-state residents by then.

  10. My family is visiting the first part of June. Two adults and three kids 15 and under. Both adults are medical workers and have been fully vaccinated. Can I go ahead and purchase tickets for them since they are not coming until June 7th. I live in California.

  11. This is a huge govt overreach! Nobody should be required to be vaccinated to access anything. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

  12. I read that out of state visitors age limit is 16 has that changed since Pfizer is now vaccinating children 12 and above. We’re hoping to visit the park in mid July I have a 17yr old and a 13yr old that will be fully vaccinated as well as ourselves (parents), and will be fully vaccinated my thirteen year old will have received her second dose in early June, my son (17) has been fully vaccinated for a month. My wife and I have been fully vaccinated since April.

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