Orange County, Florida Nears Vaccination Threshold for Elimination of Masks Outdoors

In today’s Orange County Government Coronavirus Update Livestream, Mayor Jerry Demmings announced that the county has nearly reached the 50% vaccination rate threshold. When 50% of Orange County residents age 16 and older have received the COVID-19 vaccine, the current mask mandate will be lifted when outdoors.


Both Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort are located within Orange County.

It’s important to note that both resorts are private property and enforce their own policies. The removal of the mask mandate does not mean masks won’t be required at the parks. We’ll have to wait and hear from the resorts about any policy changes.

Both Disney and Universal recently began removing temperature check stations at their Florida locations.

Follow WDWNT for more updates on Florida’s COVID-19 safety measures.

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  1. great news. but the real question is will disney lift the mask mandate no matter whether the state does? well disney, will you?

    1. If visitors are from out of state then its a risk to Orange County residents.

      1. Then YOU WEAR A MASK. no matter what misinformation the media tells you …. masks protect YOU not others. Granted if somebody rudely sneezes on you then it would have been helpful but YOU have your mask on soooooo. Not being snarky but I’m done breathing in my germs and bacteria in 95 degrees and 90% humidity (that germs can’t live in any way) I think some people need to remain home until they are comfortable. I WANT MY HEALTHY LIFE BACK,

        1. I totally understand hating the masks, I despise wearing them but they don’t protect you they protect others unless it’s an N95. My daughter was in the PICU for 3 weeks and the hospital doctors and nurses told us if we were in her room we had to wear masks in the hall when entering or exiting the hospital to protect the other patients not the other way around. Honestly masks are hopefully almost done but for the record people can say the same thing to people that don’t want to wear them wear you just said. No one is forcing you to wear a mask, you’re choosing to go places where they want you to wear one. You’re totally allowed to stay home

  2. I do believe this is neither here nor there as DeSantis lifted all corona virus restrictions statewide, so there is no mask mandate to lift.

      1. Mayor Demmings can say whatever he wants. The executive order from the governor overruled the county. Several restaurants and businesses in Orange County have lifted their mask requirements.

      2. yes, but according to florida law it is not supposed to. desantis clearly stated local mandates do not take precedence over florida law.

  3. Please please please!!! Let us take our masks off while we are outside at the parks!!! Please let those of us who are vaccinated show proof that we are vaccinated and go without masks entirely. As we have done our part to protect our self and others. Those who have chosen not to get vaccinated and are dragging their feet are only making us wear masks longer.

    1. How are you going to tell the difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated in terms of going maskless?

      1. You don’t. People who are not vaccinated by the summer will have chosen not to get vaccinated. If they also choose to go out in public to crowded theme parks, they do so at their own risk. The public could and should band together to protect everyone else, especially the most vulnerable, when there are no other alternatives. There is now a very effective vaccine that some people may choose not to take. They make that choice after weighing all the risks. I chose to get vaccinated…..mostly because I don’t want to wear a mask anymore. I should not be forced to wear one just because someone, somewhere in the crowd decided the vaccine was riskier than the virus.

        But…..if they wanted to make unvaccinated people wear a mask, they could arrange a spot where vaccinated people could show their cards and pick up a colored wrist band. Cast members could easily spot it and control mask wearing for those not wearing the band. It would be worth it for Disney to do this because may people who are postponing trips until masks are no longer required, would come back.

    2. Exactly!!! Vaccinated people are little to no risk to themselves or other vaccinated people. The vaccine is available to anyone who wants it. I am not saying it should be mandatory. Medical decisions should remain personal. BUT if you choose to forgo the vaccination for whatever reason, that is your choice and the people who do choose to be vaccinated should not be punished for the decisions of others. And let’s face it, facemasks in Florida in summer are punishing. I’m for facemasks, but I don’t think anyone can make the argument that they are fun.

  4. We were recently in a state that did not have a mask mandate. Really, they are out there. The businesses were continuing the mask mandate so it was no different than being in Delaware. States need to push the businesses. This can be a golden opportunity for universal if they drop the mask rule first. They dropped temps first.

  5. Tbh, didn’t Disney and Universal decrease the distancing and temperature checks when the county said so? I am sure they are egging to get back to capacity. We all know too well that they have lost way too much money this past year. I am not saying that I value money over safety, but at this point, the vax has been out for over year and there has been a long window to get it. So if you want it, get it. The world doesn’t wait on you, it goes when it does.

    1. The vaccine has not been out for over a year… I really don’t understand all the people in the comments gladly promoting wrong information.

  6. The vast majority of Disney guests do not live in Orange County. Many are coming from all over the nation-couple that with the fact that without Disney having the ability now, or ever, it seems to require proof of vaccinations, it’s likely that Disney will continue to have safety implementations in place because DeSantis’ executive order has essentially forced them to do so; Disney tends to adhere to the science and medical professionals, not politicians opinions. It’s obvious people are willing to go to Disney World in a mask, so I’d guess that Disney will continue as is for months to come.

    1. Oh relax hero.
      If by science and medical professionals… you mean the CdC… do yourself a favor and read the NYT article about outdoor masking. The CDC and their recommendations doesn’t follow science. It’s following politics (see Harris and her husband kissing outside with masks). Also, look up the CDC and teachers union and how they made their recommendations based upon what the teacher union wanted.

      Go look it up then report back.

  7. I just don’t want my 2 year old to wear a mask. Maybe change the age to 3 would make more sense. This kid ain’t keeping no mask on. And yeah yeah “don’t go” we going anyway it’s summer vacay!

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