PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 5/7/21 (Epcot Center Drive Halfway Done, Harmonious Screen Tested, Popular Products Return to MouseGear, and More)

Hello everyone and welcome to another day Epcot, with testing, painting, water works and more construction as work continues on our favorite experimental community.


With most lanes closed, Epcot Center Drive is still being painted, and by the end of the day has reached over the halfway mark.


Pin Trading Headquarters has reopened once again. The pathway allows guests to get to west areas of Future World with ease and fulfill all of their pin needs.


The pin area in the store across the way (Gateway Gifts) is once again brought back to its original splendor, as well without a trace having been the temporary locations for pins.


No changes to Guardians and no work was being done at the moment of our arrival.


It seems all eyes and efforts are on east construction, with everyone working towards a summer opening for the new Creations Shop.


Screen testing continues on Harmonious barges, but that’s not even the highlight of the day.


Water jets were also being tested, and yet still not the highlight of Harmonious testing that we got to see occur.


The Three Caballeros have still yet to return and with spring slowly coming to a dwindling close, we wonder if maybe they aren’t migrating back until the summer.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2

For those that have been looking, the scream canisters have returned to MouseGear.


Spaceship Earth cookie jars have returned as well for $55.


Flooring under the archway in Morocco is still being worked on with Disney having full ownership over the area.


On closer inspection, the flooring around the archway has been cut up only meaning one thing, more construction work is obviously about to take place.


The big test occurring at Harmonious today was seeing half the screen being tested as we passed by Italy. For more details and video, check out the post here.


On the bridge in the Italian pavilion, posts are slowly being painted to match the rest, leaving a beautiful marble finish that shouldn’t be taken for granite.


In the China pavilion, the screen has finally been fixed at The Lotus Blossom Cafe.


Well, that’s all for today, tune back in tomorrow at the site that brings you all the best theme park news first, WDWNT.