PHOTOS: Facial Recognition Park Entry Test Ends at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace


PHOTOS: Facial Recognition Park Entry Test Ends at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World spent over a month testing the use of facial recognition for park entry at Magic Kingdom, even extending the test through yesterday. The equipment is now gone, and according to Cast Members, data is being analyzed.


Facial recognition might come back as a more permanent park entry option, or Disney may even conduct more tests depending on the results.


To learn more about the facial recognition test’s procedures, check out our previous post.

How do you feel about facial recognition being used for park entry at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Facial Recognition Park Entry Test Ends at Walt Disney World”

  1. “Data is being analyzed” meaning Disney is selling your facial recognition scans to big data and big tech. Don’t believe me, watch Minority Report. Scary stuff, but alot people think it’s all part of the Disney “magic”

  2. Facial Recognition Technology should be banned permanently by all national governments. It is a disgusting, vile affront to liberty.

  3. Facial recognition would have been a nice idea if we all lived in the fantasy land that Disney Parks sell us, unfortunately however, we do not. The technology has and is continuing to be abused by those who can afford the it with oppressive practices. In the aggregate, I see it as having little difference to stalking people.

    I don’t think Walt himself would agree with it being used in the parks as it would strike at the very ideals of American freedom he was so fond of teaching us all. As fallible humans, we all have some level of skeletons in our closets. Mr. Walt Disney, and by virtue, the Walt Disney Company itself are no different hence why I respectfully am not overtly bringing up HIS [Walt’s] known…. sympathies.

    Let’s stop looking at each other with electron microscopes, otherwise we’ll never go anywhere we want to go.

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