PHOTOS: Indiana Jones Adventure Fanny Pack Swings Into Walt Disney World

Belt bags. Why did it have to be belt bags?!

We found this new Indiana Jones themed belt bag today in Walt Disney World. Make sure to swing by World of Disney in Disney Springs to catch it before it ends up in a museum!


“Indiana Jones” Belt Bag — $34.99


The front of this belt bag features the classic Indiana Jones logo, a “secret code” made up of Maraglyphics, and Indy’s classic hat and whip. The bag itself features two zippered storage pockets.


The left side of the bag features an “Eye of Mara” icon. Mara is the ancient deity from Indiana Jones Adventure: The Temple of the Forbidden Eye. According to legend, he can stare into your soul.


The right side of the bag features a snake and skull icon.


The back of the bag features an adjustable belt and a plastic connector.


Inside the main zippered storage area you’ll find room for storage and a pocket as well.


This bag retails for $34.99 and can be found at World of Disney at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.


Feel free to use this Maraglyphics decoder card to find the “hidden message” on the bag! Spoiler alert: the result is a little anticlimactic.

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6 months ago

Yeah, the result of decoding the Maraglyphics is VERY anticlimactic. Makes me wonder whether that was a placeholder that was supposed to be replaced with a different message but they forgot.