PHOTOS: MagicBand Prices Increase at Walt Disney World and on shopDisney

Matthew Soberman


PHOTOS: MagicBand Prices Increase at Walt Disney World and on shopDisney

Matthew Soberman


PHOTOS: MagicBand Prices Increase at Walt Disney World and on shopDisney

Guests looking to purchase MagicBands were hit with a less-than-pleasant surprise at Walt Disney World on Wednesday.


The price of open edition MagicBands has increased by $5.00 at each of the three pricing levels. Coral-level bands are now $19.99, while Bronze-level bands are $29.99 and amethyst-level bands sell for $34.99. The signage reminds guests that MagicBands are not for internal or subdermal use.


Previously, coral MagicBands were $14.99, while bronze and amethyst cost $24.99 and $29.99, respectively.


The increase has also hit shopDisney. The Frontierland MagicBand we first reported was on shopDisney in March has gone up from $29.99 to $34.99, while the limited edition “Best Disney Dad” MagicBand is now $39.99. This is just the latest price increase to hit Walt Disney World. Last month, the price of hand-built lightsabers made at Savi’s Workshop in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios were raised $20.00.

Will this change influence your choice to get a new MagicBand? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “PHOTOS: MagicBand Prices Increase at Walt Disney World and on shopDisney”

  1. In a way they’re almost becoming irrelevant. There’s barely a need for one then they raise the price? Weird.

  2. Disney are essentially phasing out Magic Bands in place of their Magic Mobile app. Why they would make this money maker less attractive and and soon to be obsolete makes no sense. You can do more with your phone for sure, but it seems a little short-sighted to leave money on the table with this popular item. However, why would I continue to buy a Magic Band when I can do everything and more with my phone? Additionly, it’s a slap in the face to the many loyalists who continue to stay on-site and buy annual passes at ever-increasing prices not to provide them with “free” Magic Bands. I love WDW, and will still continue to plan another trip, but I’m increasingly amazed lately by some of these decisions.

    Somewhat unrelated, but could they also not have found a way to to make the Harmonius barges movable for each performance like was done with lluminations? Yet another head-scratching decision. The show better be amazing because it’s an understatement to say that the tranquility and beauty of World Showcase Lagoon has been marred by this.

    Thanks for lettin’ me ramble! have a great day everybody!

  3. It makes you wonder why such a jump in price considering Disney is now providing mobile pass entry. It’s not like you can pay for anything on your magicband inside the park unless you’re a guest at a Walt Disney Resort. So at this point, why would you purchase a new band other than for novelty reasons?

  4. All I have to say is so very happy I bought mines earlier, I thought I was paying too much when I got ours for twenty, but I’m sure Amazon have them for less.

  5. I wonder what “special passholder discount” they will be offering for us since they’re discontinuing magic bands for AP and now they’re driving the prices up… 👀

  6. it took them years to get out all the glitches for magic bands. now after all that time and money they basically want to get rid of them? the upper echelon at disney change their minds as often as some people change underwear.

  7. Magicbands are the biggest sham in Disney World History. A gigantic waste of time and money. I would rather have had night time parades and more attractions any time than these pointless devices that feature tech we have all had on our smartphones for a decade. They NEVER even got to the point where all-in-one payments worked for non-hotel guests, something competitors were able to accomplish. Ridiculous. Good riddance.

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