PHOTOS: New Gravity Falls MagicBand Mysteriously Arrives at Walt Disney World

The latest MagicBand to hit shelves at Walt Disney World has left us feeling strange… but that may just be because it features the stars of Gravity Falls!


This red MagicBand features three of the stars of the cult hit TV series that ran from 2012 to 2016.


On one end, Dipper’s looking a bit odd (thanks to the holes to adjust the band).


And on the other side, Mabel and her pet pig, Waddles, smile happily.


The MagicBand retails for $29.99, following Wednesday’s price increase. We found this elusive item at Mouse Gear in EPCOT. Of course, if you prefer your animated pals to come from the silver screen, be sure to check out the new Hunchback of Notre Dame and Stitch MagicBands!

What characters do you want to see on a MagicBand? Where’s Grunkle Stan? Share your thoughts in the comments!

3 thoughts on “PHOTOS: New Gravity Falls MagicBand Mysteriously Arrives at Walt Disney World”

  1. My son is completely obsessed with this show!!! How could I purchase this band before our upcoming trip?? Thanks!!!!

  2. Gravity Falls show is one of the best Disney shows ever. Things I learned from the show: “When the cops aren’t around, everything’s legal!” When you take your kids to the local diner, feed them nothing but free catsup packets to save money. One way to spend quality family time: make fake money together and then go to jail together — jail is really cold. When a Tinkerbell-looking fairy flies near your window, you hit it with a fly swatter so that it splatters into a window smudge. When you need unicorn hair, you go to its home and beat it up until it submits to giving you what you want. If a boy wants to become a man, he must stick his hand into the pain hole and suffer immeasurable pain.

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