PHOTOS: New “Masks On” Signage Added to Shops and Restrooms at Walt Disney World

As Disney relaxes pandemic related regulations throughout the parks, new signage has appeared reminding guests of masking requirements at indoor locations and on attractions.


While at Hollywood Studios today, we noticed some new signs updating the requirements outside of stores.


At Tattooine Traders you can see this “Masks On” reminder for guests entering the store.


New signs were also posted outside the entrances to restrooms.


As with outside the shops, these signs reminded guests that they must wear face coverings inside restrooms.


The face covering portion of the trashcan stickers have been updated to reflect the new indoor-only mask rules.


Previously the trashcan stickers instructed guests to simply “WEAR A FACE COVERING”. In other places at Hollywood Studios, signage reminded guests to wear masks except when eating or drinking while stationary. However that rule has changed in recent weeks.


Now the new decals remind guests that they must wear masks indoors and on attractions, though they can be mask-free in outdoor common spaces.

What do you think of the new requirements for face coverings at Walt Disney World? Leave us a message in the comments.

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  1. Silly to do this, masks are going to be gone in June, why bother with this.

  2. when disney realizes it is not their job to protect people from themselves, things will get back to normal. i hope the government realizes the same thing one of these days. whatever happened to my body, my decision? i thought that was what women had the choice to make?

  3. Why is Disney not following CDC guidance? Trust in the science, not theatre.

  4. Wearing them in the restrooms is just plain, damn, stupid!
    I will not wear them in the restroom. Restrooms are places
    to wash hands, faces, and a place to “rest” in a room not full
    of people. This whole mask thing is freaking dumb. The virus
    stops at the outdoor ques but reengages once in the inside que.

  5. All of Disney masks are now on sale on their website. The push to get them out and then no masks

  6. Of course, no one can monitor or enforce masks on in restrooms. I try to do my part by letting out the loudest farts possible. If you refuse to wear a mask, you can enjoy my air biscuits.

    1. I truly believe they have so many masks in their inventory that they would like to sell before saying no masks, we’ll see

  7. It’s time for Disney to rethink some of these rules. We were waiting to board a sky liner last night at park close. Maybe 1 person out of 50 had a mask on in line. Once you reached the cast member in charge of loading folks would mask up until they got into the gondola when the mask would promptly come off again. It was an absurd spectacle.

    1. This is happening all over Disney because nobody in the community has worn them for weeks – Disney is the only holdout.

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