REVIEW: We Hatched A Giant Chocolate Dinosaur Egg from the Jurassic World Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

The new Jurassic World Tribute Store opened today and we stopped by to try some of the new treats. In the final room, you can find a wide assortment of snacks at four food stands.


The Egg Nursery offers giant chocolate dinosaur eggs with a chocolate dinosaur inside.


Chocolate Dinosaur Egg – $18


The presentation is adorable. The blue speckled egg was almost too big to hold with one hand.


The egg is milk chocolate, filled with white chocolate shavings, and a dark chocolate mystery dinosaur.


The egg has a couple cracks, so we helped the dino inside break open the shell.


A little blue triceratops was hidden inside our egg. There are red, blue, and green speckled eggs to choose from. Your dinosaur may vary.

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The chocolate (milk egg, white shavings, and dark dino) is of all of high quality and delicious, but it does not last long in the summer sun. You’ll want to share it and devour it quickly.


Otherwise, as we sadly discovered, you will have a giant puddle instead. If you can find a spot to sit in the shade or indoors, we highly recommend it.

Overall, we loved the chocolate dinosaur egg. It looks and tastes great, and cracking the egg open to find the dinosaur makes it a fun treat to share.

Watch us “hatch” the giant chocolate dinosaur egg in our video below:

Will you try the chocolate dinosaur egg from the Jurassic World Tribute Store? Let us know in the comments.