PHOTOS: Walt Disney World Begins Placing Physical Distancing Markers Only 3 Feet Apart

Following the announcement last week that the physical distancing policies were changing at Walt Disney World, we’ve seen evidence of the new policies begin to pop up around the resort. Signage is being updated (or taped over), rides are loading more guests per vehicle, parking is no longer spaced out, and resort pools have increased capacity.

Now, at the new BoardWalk Ice Cream shop, the physical distancing markers in the queue have been placed only three feet apart.

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It’s unknown when the existing markers in queues around the resort will be changed.


Stay tuned to WDWNT for more updates on Walt Disney World’s physical distancing policies.

  1. Katie, with all this happening to reduce spacing would you think that this could help bring Casey’s back? I mean I hear Casey’s is closed because the kitchen is tight quarters that working within a 6″ spacing wouldn’t work.

  2. ahhh the days where I didn’t have to smell peoples sweaty armpits BO in thrill rides are gone. please dont throw up your arms in excitement!

  3. 3 ft is typically the standard distance people would stand apart PRE-COVID. Why bother putting these silly and unsightly markers down?? Ruins the magic and ambiance, but we know how Disney cares more about their own “optics” than the Guest experience.

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