PHOTOS: Signs at Universal Studios Hollywood Entrance Remind Out-of-State Guests They Must Provide Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine

Universal Studios Hollywood is now allowing out-of-state visitors. Per California state guidelines, out-of-state visitors must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof of vaccination before entering theme parks.


A sign outside Universal Studios Hollywood is reminding guests of this rule.


The sign states “Guest who reside outside of CA must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.” A vaccination card, photo of vaccination card, or document from a healthcare provider may act as proof. Guests must also show a photo ID.

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All California residents may visit regardless of vaccination status.

Keep checking Universal Parks News Today for updates.

  1. A shame we don’t have the right to do this in Florida. Keep all you unsafe lunatics out.

    1. Why don’t you move to CA if it’s so much better then? The rest of us in Florida would like to keep our freedom from jerks like you. <3

    2. Hey James lunatic here I’m glad to live in Florida where you have the right to choose to get the vaccine. I don’t want to get 2 shots then booster shots every 6 to 8 months after a couple of years when you can smell color’s and your children or grandchildren can count too twelve on their fingers. I’ll just wait and see how it goes and maybe get it when the science finds out what long-term affects it has and modify it.

  2. I’m curious to find out how HIPPA laws fall into this “showing proof of vaccine” requirement? The law is pretty clear. Without a written or verbal consent, no person needs to divulge ANY medical information. That’s why so many scrupulous people took advantage of the “disability pass” system and why the parks had to change their policy of DAS guests. Too many people knew that they only had to say they had a disability, and cast members were not allowed to ask them what was it. Awful people would use that DAS system to go to the front of the line, but no more. Now they wait in a virtual queue. Personally, I don’t mind showing proof of vaccination, but I highly doubt that it’s going to last long because of the legality of it, regardless of being private property.

    1. It’s HIPAA, and it doesn’t apply here. HIPAA only applies to specific entities or people: primarily doctors, hospitals, and health insurance companies. Universal is also a private entity, meaning they can choose who to admit or not (as long as they don’t discriminate against a certain few protected classes, of course).

      The other word you’re looking for is “unscrupulous”, which means “having or showing no moral principles”. The word you used means the opposite.

      Thanks, and have a magical day.

    2. You can’t use logic or common sense here. Of course it’s wrong to require proof of any health records but don’t tell that to the insane Disney and Universal mask fans. They would howl in protest if I asked them the details of their love lives or their diet or their religious beliefs to ensure they are staying safe in ALL areas of their life yet they are delighted to control the rest of us.

  3. This is actually ridiculous. As if unvaccinated people from California will be safer to be around than unvaccinated people from any other state. Make it a sweeping admittance rule, everyone has to be vaccinated to enter, including California residents.

    1. I agree. If anyone’s gonna be require to show their papers, it should be everyone! Tyranny for all, not just out of staters.

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